Why Are So Many Married Woman Having Affairs

Why Are So Many Married Woman Having Affairs

The time has gone when only men used to have extra marriage affairs, now it is very common that married woman are also having affairs.  Now days, woman are much involved and one cannot say it is an accident The research, has shown that woman get involved with many men just because they need to fulfill their sex desire.Woman Having AffairsIn Pakistan, as Muslims and living in an Islamic environment woman are much involved in extra marriage affairs, they even know the punishment set by Allah but woman has no fear. Some woman is involved because of sex and others are because they are living a dull life with their husbands.  Gone are the days where young girls used to have affairs, the time has come where married woman are having affair and they do not feel any shame, they feel proud telling their friends.

The point here comes why married woman do are having affairs. Some women are going through emotional issues so they need someone to support them emotionally and even physically. The woman thinking affair is not a big deal, they take them a chance to know other person, and manywomen are involved just because they are not happy with their husbands do sex with them. Married woman when do sex with someone else feel happy and this way she can explore new things.

Some of the married woman is having affairs because they are very alone, they want to experience some sort of activity in life.  Many women are having affairs because they think that their love to listens to compliments and attention of other men. They think that husbands do notcompliment all the time in fact he neglects them The other reason why married woman are having affairs is that she wants to do sex with some else and she enjoys doing it, she do it anyway she loves to with her boyfriend.

Woman having affair because woman are emotionally weak and when some take cares of them they feel in love with them and it than takes a turn and becomes an affair Some woman says that having extra marriage affair is that you feel young inside and whenever you get ready, you feel happy You play with the boy feeling and this is what most of the woman’s loves it.

Women are very weak and are always scared of something such as many women are afraid of getting older and this is the only reason they have affairs Women are very intelligent, they are also having affair with not someone unknown, they must be having affair with colleagues, friends or teacher. They get attracted to that person slowly and then attract him. The woman began the affair by making him dishes or by taking extra care of the men It is even seen these days that married woman are involved with married men.

This happens because of them are going through it in life; they are going through same problems. Both discuss things and then it leads to an affair In some cases, it has been seen that woman are having extra marriage affair because husbands is unable to do proper sex and he does not appreciates her. She wants to do sex daily and husband ignored it so she finds someone else and fulfill her needs from there Many married woman who do not have children’s are much involved in affairs, they think that they are free to do anything.  They do not care about their social circle and even sometimes, they feel proud telling that I am having an affair with him.

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