5 Beauty Tips from Sonal Chauhan

5 Beauty Tips from Sonal Chauhan

1). What would you do following a long-day at the office for an immediate shine?

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There is a fast warm bath crucial. I take advantage of a transparent mascara to emphasize my eyes.

Sonal Chauhan Beauty

2). The legs are taxed by heels. How will you look after them?

Sonal Chauhan frequently choose for pedicures. Additionally, I ensure it is a place to moisturise my toes during the night so they stay easy and comfortable.

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3). What’re the five make products you also have inside your carrier up?

A moisturiser from Lancôme, a colored lipbalm, a Chanel mascara, face cleansing and clean milk.

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4). What is your everyday beauty regimen?

Hydrating my skin may be the first goal. Sonal Chauhan consume about 10-12 cups of water each day. Our evening begins with vegetable juices or fruit. I keep cleaning my encounter during the day to avoid dust accumulation.

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5). A beauty tip for the visitors?

Looking after the skin is crucial. Additionally, it’s extremely important to remain information and satisfied, because it displays in your experience!

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