Beauty Tips for Skin Fairness

Beauty Tips for Skin Fairness

Skin is the largest but most delicate covering of our body because it is exposed to highly polluted environment all the time.

Beauty Tips

Skin comes in contact with large number of bacteria, smoke, dust particles and contagious chemical daily and they play important role in destroying natural beauty, fairness and softness of skin. But skin fairness is what every girl is dreaming about so some beauty tips for skin fairness.

Apply Lemon Juice Daily:

Apply Lemon Juice Daily

Lemon juice is very effective for fair and smooth skin and also enhance natural glow of our skin so apply lemon juice mix with sugar in equal quantity once daily on your skin to improve your complexion. It will act as bleach and scrub also.

Apply Paste of Papaya:

Paste of Papaya

Take an over ripe papaya and mash it to form thick paste. Apply this thick paste on your face for 15 minutes to fade away all blemishes and to remove dead cells from skin. It will also even out your skin tone.

Apply Orange Peel Powder:

Apply Orange Peel Powder

Orange peel is an excellent remedy to improve skin complexion. Mix some dry orange peel powder to one table spoon of curd until it for thick paste and apply it on your skin for fair complexion.

Orange Peel Powder us on face

Blend of Almond and Olive Oil:

Blend of Almond and Olive Oil

Blend of Almond and olive oil are very effective to improve our skin color and also remove dirt from our face and add natural shine to our skin tone.

Apply Gram Flour Paste:

Apply Gram Flour Paste

Add 2 table spoon of milk to gram flour and make thick paste. Apply this thick pate on skin for 15-20 minutes and repeat this procedure for smoother and fairer skin.

Apply Lemon Juice and Cucumber:

Mix Juice and Cucumber

Mix lemon juice with cucumber and grind together then apply this mixture on skin and let it dry for 15 minutes and then wash your face. Apply it twice weekly for improving skin complexion.

Juice and Cucumber

In short above healthy tips will improve not only our complexion but also give soothing and shiny effect to our skin by removing dirt particles and dead cells from our skin. -scanfree

Beauty Tips for Skin Fairness by fashioncentralindia

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