Signs You Should See a Dermatologist

Signs You Should See a Dermatologist

When you can’t solve your skin issues with over the counter products, there’s no reason to avoid the dermatologist. Besides recommending the right products, they can also help you figure out which skin care mistakes you might be making.

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While there are many ways in which a consultation can be useful even without pressing problems, there are also a few clear signs you should see a dermatologist. Find out when it’s time to stop delaying and make an appointment with a dermatologist.

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You Can’t Get Rid of Acne

Trying over the counter products to treat acne is usually recommended. But when you’ve been using good anti-acne products and the problem persists for more than 2 months, it’s time to let a pro advise you. You don’t need a prescription for anti-acne products with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, but your dermatologist might pick up on other factors you haven’t considered.

You’re Developing Sun Sensitivity

Having trouble with your skin because of sun exposure is definitely one of the signs you should see a dermatologist. You might need to change your sunscreen. If it’s not the only recent symptom, you might have to see another special, but getting your sunscreen sorted out first is definitely the top priority.

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You’re Having Trouble with Itching or Rashes

An over-the-counter cortisone cream can help with rashes, itching and inflammation, but when it doesn’t you have to get it checked out by a doctor. Flaking skin that doesn’t sort itself out quickly is another red flag that you could be dealing with a type of dermatitis. Get treatment sooner rather than later to prevent the problem from spreading.

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You’re Noticing Signs of Melasma

Dark skin discoloration caused by melasma is a problem typically associated with pregnancy, but it’s can also be linked to contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy. If you’re seeing brown spots that couldn’t be caused by the sun (because you always use sunscreen!), that’s one of the signs you should see a dermatologist. Melasma can quickly go away with the right laser treatments.

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You’re Having Trouble with Scars

When you’re dealing with raised, deep or thick scars, over the counter products aren’t likely to help reduce their appearance as much as you’d like. Raised and depressed scars can be treated more efficiently by a dermatologist with procedures you can’t get at a spa.

You Can’t Get Rid of Red Marks

Whether they were caused by blemishes or acne, some red marks simply won’t go away. Using antioxidants and anti-acne products with salicylic acid can help, but if you don’t see any difference after using them for two weeks, that’s one of the signs you should see a dermatologist. Laser treatments can reduce their appearance or eliminate them.

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You’re Dealing with Stretch Marks and Cellulite

Many products claim to solve big problems like cellulite and stretch marks, but few can actually make a big difference. You can get recommendations from your dermatologist about what products to use, but you can also try laser treatments that reduce the appearance of stretch marks. You might be tempted to try a spa treatment for cellulite, but talk to a dermatologist first.

Rid of Red Marks

You’re Noticing Significant Hair Loss

When your hair is falling out at an alarming rate, it’s important to rule out any scalp problems. Unexpected hair loss is one of the signs you should see a dermatologist. Once you rule out skin diseases, you’ll be able to move on and find the cause.

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Your Nails Are Suffering

Brittle nails, with or without any signs of yellowing, are a problem that could be caused by a fungal infection. Instead of trying over the counter products, go straight to a doctor and get the right prescription for either oral or topical medication.

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You Notice a Growing Freckle

Getting your moles checked regularly is a must, but a growing freckle is also one of the signs you should see a dermatologist. When caught early, skin cancer is easier to treat. Don’t let procrastination turn into a life threatening problem and make an appointment now to make sure everything is fine.

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