The Perfect Bridal Beauty Guide

The Perfect Bridal Beauty Guide

The Perfect Bridal Beauty GuideWhen the most important day of a woman’s life is near and she wants everything to be perfect on her very special wedding day. From the event preparations to makeup, hair and other ways to look perfectly beautiful so that she can enthrall everyone and leave them in a state of awe is a bride’s biggest dream of her life.

For that the soon-to-be-beautiful-bride tries many things and methods to look beautiful because whether it is makeup, hair, face, hands or feet she wants to look perfect in every possible way. This sometimes leads to confusion and nervousness because after all the moment is so special that we don’t want anything to be messed up.

So every person around the bride, family or friend including the bride herself, tries their best to make this day very special. So let us be a part of the celebrations and let us tell you the tips and tricks about the perfect bridal beauty guide.

The Perfect Bridal Beauty Guide Tips and Tricks:

Let us tell you the perfect bridal beauty guide step by step.

  • Facial Care:

The part of the body which everyone will pay a lot of attention is the face which has to look perfect because everyone looks at face. Facial care is really important as during wedding brides are stressed and stress causes wrinkles, making you look tired on your special moment so take no chances at all. Get an appointment to a spa and get yourself pampered. Take no stress if you really want to look perfect. Have a facial massage to relax your facial muscles and clean your face to give it a fresh look and feeling. It is better to start early as you won’t have that much time on the wedding day.

  • Makeup:

Now comes the 2nd most important thing to get that perfectly beautiful bridal look; Makeup. The first tip for perfect make up is to use waterproof makeup because Indian brides do tend to cry on their wedding day.  So don’t take a chance to use regular makeup because if you end up crying then all the makeup will wash away with your tears. In addition to that keep someone at your side as a spot checker so they can inform you if you need a touch up and for that purpose you also need to have a backup makeup kit and other essentials such as hairbrush, hairspray or sewing kit incase if it is needed. In last do make sure to test your makeup before your wedding day as precaution to avoid any allergies on the day of your wedding.

  • Eyes:

Usually brides get dark circles around their eyes due to stress in wedding days. So you need to pay extra attention to your eyes to remove those dark circles. As the skin around your eyes is quite sensitive you have to be very careful and gentle when you are taking your eye makeup off. Keep the rubbing to a minimum level while using a water soluble remover. As for the dark circles regularly applying an eye cream and getting enough sleep will help you lose those dark circles.

  • Hair Style:

Wedding day hair styles for the bride requires some extra love and care than any regular old day’s routine of washing, blow-drying or heat styling which often results in split ends and messy head. You need to repair your hair from inside and outside. You can do that by having a diet filled with vitamin B like eating eggs and fish to give a good nutrition from the inside. Start having scalp massage and deep conditioning treatment approximately 4 weeks before your wedding day.

  • Body:

Having daily exercise like aerobics or taking a walk are both good for losing weight and getting the body into shape along with relieving stress. Along with that add a little dose of multivitamins to your daily routines as it will also help your digestive, sleeping and energy problems. You can also take a body massage too because it will also relieve you from stress and will freshen you up.

  • Legs:

Even though your beautiful looking wedding dress will be covering your legs but that is no reason for you to ignore them. Shave those hairs off your legs only after you have softened your skin with warm water and apply some moisturizer regularly after taking a shower. It would be best if you do it when they are damp.

  • Feet:

As for the feet a pedicure will do wonders. Mostly brides prefer having a pedicure a day before their wedding day but I would recommend you to start ahead because it will definitely take time to get rid of those cracks on toes and heels. Applying a thick moisturizer and wearing socks overnight to keep the moisture sealed in will also prove to be good for your feet to look good on your wedding day.

So this is your guide to the perfect bridal beauty. Follow these steps, relax and enjoy your special wedding moment to the fullest.

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