Top 10 Beauty Tips to Catch His Eyes

Top 10 Beauty Tips to Catch His Eyes

Top 10 Beauty tips catch his EyeFlirting is fun, and courageous. But it’s a big challenge and a game at the same time as you have to make sure what kind of guy you are hitting on and especially to get you the attention you desire from those you desire it from. Ladies of all ages are fond of flirting to catch a guys attention.

Give him the Perfect Look

starting with his face let your eyes slowly travel down to his muscles with appreciating eyes. And then a cute smile which is a turn on factor to catch his eyes.

 Play with your Food

Ladies have a variety of options, from eating to drinking. You can enjoy a cup of hot cappuccino foam, sipping and swirling the spoon till your lips, gently and slowly enjoying every strawberry pie as you linger with your spoon in your mouth 


Your attire will an important part when getting a guys attention on your body. Then get up to glance on his hand or shoulder as you pass through him but remember to allow your hand to linger just a second longer than usual. Have a physical contact is one of the most effective flirting tactics you will ever encounter.

Ask for His Opinion

This situation is usually possible at malls or store where you come across cute guy shopping on the other side. This is an appropriate time to accidently just shock the guy and ask his opinion on something you already know looks totally awesome on you.

Show off your Hands and Nail Art

Find an imaginary dirt or thread and help him to swipe off on his shirt and brush away, or show up your beautiful hands and rings to fix his tie. This is one thing that will catch his eyes on your beauty.

Ask for Help

If you are looking pretty and your hair are giggling on your shoulders the guy will hardly be able to resist and his eyes straight on you.

Be Bold

Small talk or a bold comment can attract the guys attention at you because after all every guy is fond of appreciation

Smoky Eyes:

There is nothing hotter than undoubtedly sexy than smoky eyes! Even Saif Ali Khan had admitted in an interview that he found Kareena’s smoky eyes an attention seeking beauty.

Juicy Lips:

One of the first things that a guy will always notice. A pair of pretty glossy pinky lips can drive a guy mad and a perfect smile on that lips is an ideal


Although this not part of your looks but an attitude, a stylish personality is an eye catching thing for any guy.

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