6 Easy Changes You Can Make In Your Surroundings For Healthier, Glowing Skin

6 Easy Changes You Can Make In Your Surroundings For Healthier, Glowing Skin

While make-up is obviously quite the rage today, with people spending thousands on glamming up their looks, they are also investing a lot in skincare products. Owning just one cream, and one face wash is so 2007! We now use day cream, a night cream, an eye cream, two exfoliators, sheet masks, and whatnot. However, this is not about those skincare products. This is about those things that even great skincare cannot remedy. Instead, this is about fixing those things in our environment, which might be getting between us, and flawless skin. So, if you’re spending a lot of time and money on your skincare, but without results, you might be guilty of neglecting these aspects of your immediate surroundings.

Temperature control is crucial.

Your skin rejuvenates itself at night, and this is best done in lower temperatures. This is because the body’s temperature drops during deep sleep, and colder temperatures mimic this, so you end up sleeping well. In oppressively sultry weather, you end up tossing and turning, and your lack of sleep prevents the body from recuperating properly, preventing cell turnover, and ageing you. Not only that, colder temperatures keep pores small, and skin tight and bright.

A Cactus is your best friend.

A lot of damage happens to our skin due to indoor air pollution. It is really important to purify the air we breathe, to help our skin stay healthy. One way of doing this, is by keeping a plant that reduces indoor air pollution. Cactus plants, are known to be great for this, and make for a useful though unlikely addition to your skincare arsenal.

Humidity needs to be checked.

If you’re always in an air-conditioned space, your skin is going to get really imbalanced, with dry patches getting drier, and oily patches getting oilier. It is really important to keep hydrating, and to use a humidifier, if necessary. However, the reverse of this, which is too much humidity, is also bad for skin, especially for oily, combination, or acne-prone skin. Excess humidity can lead to a lot of breakouts. So, monitor the humidity in your environment.

Pillowcases can make or break you.

You cannot avoid contact with your pillowcase when you are sleeping. It is therefore really important to keep pillowcases clean and germ-free. Without that, bacteria and oil will wreak havoc on your skin, and make you breakout. Not only that, the fabric of your pillowcase will also make a lot of difference to the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. A satin pillowcase, for example, will cause less friction and tugging, leading to better looking skin.

Passive smoking is also damaging.

If passive smoking can lead to cancer, then do you really think that it will spare your skin from damage? Smoke pollutes the air, resulting in everyone in the vicinity breathing that impure air. This results in skin damage, and dirties your system, even if you don’t smoke yourself. So, if you want clear skin, steer clear of smokers!

You need to clean your phone regularly.

We eat with our phone in our hands, we take our phone to the bathroom, and we are always attached to it no matter what. Naturally, this exposes it to an unimaginable plethora of germs. Then, when we hold the phone against our face to use it, our skin comes in contact with all that bacteria, and breaks out. Hence, cleaning our phone with antibacterial wipes, or some sanitiser, is something our skin will thank us for.

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