10 Cosmetic That Can Harm Your Skin

10 Cosmetic That Can Harm Your Skin

10 Cosmetic that can harm your SkinSeveral cosmetic products are widely available in market. Many of them claim to be the number one solution provider of skin remedies but they seldom bring any change to your skin problems.

Whereas men and women purpose of using such product is to achieve smooth, healthy and glowing skin. Instead of going for homemade recipes consumers prefer to purchase the ready to apply products without even giving importance to the chemicals included in them and can produce harshness and damage to one skin.

Use of Surma, Kajal

Surma and Kajal both are use as black inward and outward liners in giving shape to ones eyes. But most of us give little importance to what chemicals; toxics, glaucoma, and other conjunctivitis are involved in this which is very harmful to one’s eyes. Even they are more dangerous to apply when one is suffering from any sort of eye infection or damage. Eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in one’s body and it requires mush of care.

Expired Nail Polish and Lipstick

Just avoid using the frosted bright color nail polish on your nails. Colors in shades of navy blue, black , deep red and hot pink they have intense chemicals involved in them which weakens the nail strength and also produce the yellow color over the nail when the nail polish is removed , though ladies are always excited to wear appealing loud colors but forget that these colors can ruin one skin. If you don’t want your nail to stain and turned yellow avoid the shimmery colors.

All the bright color lipsticks extract the moisture of one’s lips whereas many lips produce the oil and chemicals which can damage the skin. Always apply the lip balm first and then apply the lipstick over it. It will keep your lips wet and also give shine to your lips. Chemicals like lead block the skin pores and lesson the developing of cells.

Moisturizers, Bleach Creams and Hot Waxing

Everyone wants to save the skin from the sunrays and pollution and for that matter apply the sun blocks or moisturizer to protect one skin but forget that these creams and moisturizers has so many mineral oils and the chemical paraffin and other chemical ingredients which in turn damage the skin cells. It is worth mentioning that these moisturizers has highly concentrated detergents used which produce unnatural unproductive layering over ones skin and the sun rays when hit your skin results in more reactive way.

Always look for the ingredients mentioned in the product labeling buy the products which state the vegetable oils, water, seed oil, plant oil. Initially the bleach creams are used by ladies with darker complexion but nowadays it is seen that even the fair ladies are using them to become even fairer. Hydroquinone is chemical ingredient used in bleach creams which cause skin itching, redness, rashes, and dryness. Always go for the herbal extract products which included the oils as well. Waxing leads people to experience the half rooted hair remain inside after waxing, red bumps and rashes, minor bleeding and cuts. Face hot Waxing causes the skin sagging. Even though waxing strips are painful and cause infection if the skin gets bruised

Perfumes, Deodorants, Talcum Powders

All the perfumes, powders, softeners, detergents, skin care products, all involve chemicals which are hazardous in some or other way. Even the ingredients in deodorants/ antiperspirants are as harmful to one’s skin and body because of alcohol involve in them. Even the antiperspirants are more harmful as compare to deodorants because of the aluminum compounds involve in them there by produce the allergy and turn more irritating. Talcum powder causes allergies and infection. However the Talc absorbs moisture and to avoid perspiration we start using talcum powders.

Hair Colors / Dyes

Every person is allergic to some reactions to hair colors and dyes. Many of us experience losing hair, eye burning, redness, headache, facial swelling and breathing difficulty. Hair dyes includes lots of chemicals injurious to human health P-Phenylenediamine chemical produces the dangers of cancer diseases, reproductive/immune/neuro toxicity, allergies, skin irritation.

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