How to Make Cosmetics Last Longer

How to Make Cosmetics Last Longer

Make Cosmetics Last LongerOnce in every six months, we girls clean our closets and throw away a handful of old cosmetics or cosmetics we no longer use. A little effort and care can make your cosmetics last longer.

Cosmetics can be blended together to make new colors instead of buying more colors. Girls also keep piling up cosmetics in the hope that one day they will learn how to apply those shades but actually they never use them. They forget that these cosmetics come with an expiration date and will very soon be obsolete or will harm their skin if applied.

Here are some handy tips that will help you make cosmetics last longer.

  • Old lipsticks and eyeshades can be wiped off with a clean tissue paper before application. This cleans away the top most layers removing the bacteria that may have settled on the surface. You can also scrap off the top layer with a knife or a spoon from your pressed cosmetics such as eye shadows, blush and face powders. Unfortunately, this is not the case in liquid make up. The shelf life of cosmetics reduces considerably when it comes to liquid applications.
  • If you have a glittery lip gloss, the glitter will settle at the bottom so shake it well before applying.
  • Powders tend to harden over time. If your powder has hardened, scrap it off and crush it with a neat utensil. Put it back in a clean container and use as required.
  • Just shake your oil based foundation well before applying. If your water based foundation has dried out, add a few drops of alcohol-free toner and shake the bottle well. The average life of a water based foundation is 12 months and that of oil based foundation is up to 2 years. Similarly, concealers and liquid cosmetics last up to 1 year, whereas powders have a longer shelf life. Puff powders and eye shades and powder blush can last up to 3 years.
  • Facial oils harden the makeup. In order to keep makeup clean, wash your powder puffs and make up brushes regularly. Make up brushes and puffs also hold bacteria so should be washed in a mild detergent regularly. If you do not have time to wash puffs, use cotton balls instead. They are disposable and can be thrown away after application. Sponges should be discarded every two months and replaced by new ones.
  • Mascaras dry out the fastest and should be thrown away once expired.
  • Make sure that while applying makeup, your skin is neat and clean. Facial oils can reduce the shelf life of cosmetics when you use the brush again and again.
  • Keep your make up in a cool environment. Refrigerating will increase the shelf life of cosmetics.
  • Use your lipsticks until it starts smelling and then throw it away. Refrigerating it will increase its life. Do not refrigerate gels and lip glosses.
  • Eye pencils and lip pencils when sharpened regularly last up to 3 years.

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