Sunscreen is an Essential for your Beauty Kit

Sunscreen is an Essential for your Beauty Kit

Sunscreen is an Essential for your Beauty KitMany people have a preconceived notion that sunscreen lotions are not good for the skin and causes damage. This is not true because studies show how harmful the sun rays can be for your skin. The recent studies have also shown that 90% of wrinkles appear on your skin because of the sunlight. A sunscreen lotion can help you prevent those wrinkles and have a fresh look.

Another thing that people confuse over is that sunscreen lotions are only for summers whereas it is proven that the sunlight in winters is harsh and can dry out skin. The sunlight in winters can be very harmful for your skin which means that one should wear a sunscreen before going out in the sun. People also like to do outdoor activities alto more in winters which makes it all the more necessary to use sunscreen lotion before entering in to sunlight. The UVA in sunlight causes skin damage in both men and women.

Sunscreen lotions are made up of 17 active ingredients, these ingredients have two parts one is absorber and the other one is reflector. Large number of sunscreen lotions has a mixture of both kinds of ingredients in the form of lotions and mousses. Sunscreens are a cosmetic for your skin which can be worn daily without any side effects. These lotions not only protect your skin from the harsh UVA rays but also help in protecting proteins such as collagen, elastin and keratin. These proteins help in skin firmness and elasticity. Sunscreen lotions have another great advantage which is the protection from skin cancer to some extent.

People who don’t take care of their skin and don’t consider sunscreen as an essential have a lot of skin damage. There are dark spots that appear on your skin because of the sunlight. Tanning is another thing that you wouldn’t want and would like your skin to keep glowing. Sunscreen is an essential cosmetic which should always be with you.

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