Indian Lehengas – The True Colors of Tradition!

Indian Lehengas – The True Colors of Tradition!

The Indian Lehengas are very rich and very old. Its History goes back to 2 B.C in the Mughal Empire where Indian Lehengas were introduced first. Those Indian Lehengas were very precious since they were not only hand made but the real thread of gold and exemplary expensive “real” pearls were used to make a single Indian Lehenga. It is said that an Indian Lehenga weightsed15 kilogram that days. You can imagine that days Ladies that how would be they managing it?

There are much type of Indian Lehengas differing in fabric and styles. Historically there are two techniques of making Indian Lehenga are discovered which is related with bright history of Mughal empire. One of the first styles of making Indian Lehenga is Zardozi. Zardozi is hand made in which golden threads are used to make the heart taking Indian Lehenga. The other way is Dabka. It is another way of making hand made Indian Lehenga.

Many people think that Indian Lehengas are only worn in the weddings which are not true. Indian Lehengas are being used by Indian women in daily lives too. These women belong to Rajasthan and Gujarat. As per the areas customs and traditions the Lehengas has been changed like in Rajasthan woman used to wear tie and dye Indian Lehengas, their duppata are plain or with less work on it. Similarly the Guajarati beauties used the needle and mirror work in the Lehengas this looks really enchanting and rich.

Silk Indian Lehenga, Zardozi Indian Lehenga, Georgette Indian Lehenga, Brocade Indian Lehenga, Stone Indian Lehenga, Cotton Indian Lehenga and Silk Indian Lehenga are the different types of Indian Lehengas which differs on occasion and designs. Indian Wedding Lehengas are more in now a day.

We can further categorize the Indian Lehengas in these categories on the basis of region they belong to.
These are Bindhani, tie and dye and mirror work. Pick up the tie and dye Indian Lehengas if you are fond of using them in daily life.

It is always recommended to make Lehengas according to your body fittings. Ready made Indian Lehengas can be useless if they don’t fit you exactly. So go on and have at least one Indian Lehengas in your unique collection.

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