Eye Care In Monsoon Months

Eye Care In Monsoon Months

Eye CareMonsoon is a season that prone your eyes to the eye infections, by following an intelligent eye care regime you can avoid these infection in Monsoon.

The word monsoon brings a lot of joy, indoor activities, delicious food, book reading and lot more exciting indoor plans. As Monsoon come with pleasure, but also brings with it a mass of different kind of infections. Eyes are the most sensitive part on your body; Monsoon infections mainly affect the eyes and causes pain and discomfort. Viral infections are prone to occur in form of epidemics during rains; because of increased moisture in the air is an extremely favorable condition for the spread of such viral infections.

Eye care is a matter of vital important during the rainy monsoon season. Eye care is a must do obligation in order to prevent from:
•    Conjunctivitis infection
•    Eye styes problems
•    Dry eyes issue
•    Corneal ulcers diseases

Prevention is better than cure; little care can benefit in long way to preventing infections and keeping your eyes healthy to cherish the monsoon season. Following are some important tips that can keep you away from the infections.


Hygiene comes first in precaution plans of any kind of infection. Do not touch your eyes with dirty hands also discourage your kids not to touch their eyes with dirty hands. The bacteria and viruses on your hand can easily transfer into your eyes with no barriers through the dirty hands. Make this habit that without washing your hands you are not supposed to touch your eyes.


Dry eyes are common and aggravated more in Monsoon. Dry eyes often experience increased itchiness irritation, and redness in the rainy season. This become more noticeable during prolonged reading timings, excessive computer practice or while watching television. Treatment normally includes lubricating eye-drops and it will be best to chose them according to the recommendation of doctor.

Encounter the conjunctivitis

If you suspect the symptoms of conjunctivitis are there in you are in a family member wash your eyes gently with cold clean water, use a cold compress pad on your eyes and consult your doctor immediately. Doctor will prescribe the antibiotic eye-drops to prevent any secondary infections within conjunctivitis.

Infections spread through towels

It is true that infections more efficiently spread through towels. It is recommended by the health professionals that don’t share your towel with others even with the family members. Infection often spreads through hands and clothes like towels handkerchief and under garments. So be careful in usage of clothes in order to prevent from infections.

Avoid self-medication

When people came across with an infection, they usually try to do the same thing that their close family members or friend are doing to cure it. It’s not an appropriate way to deal with the infections. Everybody has different kind of body immune system to respond to the respective drugs. It would be dangerous to use self-medication. In any kind of irritation, itchiness and redness in your eyes, rush to the doctor. Always consult an eye professional in rainy season eye infections.

Water bacteria

In Monsoon season restrict your water indulgence habits like swimming, playing in water, etc. water borne bacteria often cause eye problems in normal seasons, but become more often in rainy season as the moisture nourish these bacteria very actively. So refrain from the water as much as possible in rainy season.

Refrain from eye makeup and contact lenses

Avoid wearing contact lenses in monsoon as it increases the risk of having the eye infection twice. In case of any emergency immediately consult your doctor. If it is necessary to wear contact lenses must wear sunglasses.Firstly it is recommended that avoid makeup in rainy season, but if you want to wear makeup use high quality brands to avoid eye infections.

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