Tips to Avoid Eyebrow Dandruff in Winter

Tips to Avoid Eyebrow Dandruff in Winter

tips to avoid eyebrow dandruff in winterWinter has taken hold and everybody is seeking for winter beauty tips just to get rid of this dry flaky skin. Dandruff prevails not only on scalp but also on eyebrows. Todays Indian beauty tips are about eyebrow maintenance. In winter beauty tips we’’ll try to avoid rather eliminate eyebrow dandruff.

  • Get your scalp dandruff eliminated first

You must be thinking as to what can be the relation between scalp dandruff and eyebrow dandruff. There is a deep connection between both. Scalp dandruff when falls on eyebrows, gives birth to eyebrow dandruff. Our first in the list of Indian beauty tips therefore is to seek a remedy for your scalp dandruff first. For this, we don’t recommend anti dandruff shampoo but scalp moisturisers. There are a few medicinal solutions available for removing dandruff patches from your scalp. It would be good for you to see a dermatologist before using any such medicine.

  • Use moisturisers for scalp and eyebrows

The best ever and free of side effects moisturiser for your scalp and eyebrows is liquid paraffin. Perfume free liquid paraffin if massaged well on the scalp or on eyebrow daily can help in getting rid of dandruff. These kind of winter beauty tips are useful, free from side effects and inexpensive too.

Another in the domestic Indian beauty tips is a mixture of 4 oils that is considered as the best for removing dandruff. Our eyebrow maintenance suggestion is to use this mixture on your eyebrows as well at night. For making this mixture you need an equal amount of mustard oil, caster oil, olive oil and almond oil.

  • Eyebrow massage After plucking or shaping eyebrow is a must

It takes hardly a few minutes to give a relaxing massage on your eyebrows daily before going to bed. For massaging purposes you can use any good quality moisturising lotion that you use for your face. A good massage right after shaping your eyebrow can prevent dandruff to a great extent. Indian beauty tips experts suggest a thick layer of moisturiser to be left to stay on your face after plucking your eyebrow. This really works in eyebrow maintenance as winter beauty tips.

  • Herbal Indian beauty tips for removing eyebrow dandruff
  • For your eyebrow maintenance, try a mask of egg yolk and a spoonful of yogurt mixed with a little sugar on your eyebrows and wash after 20 minutes. Indian beauty tips experts suggest the same even for your scalp and hair conditioning. The result is a dandruff free scalp and eyebrows.
  • Our winter beauty tips suggestion is to use a mixture of glycerin and rose water on your face and eyebrows. This is the best ever moisturiser for winters.
  • Scrub your eyebrow while scrubbing your face. It’ll help removing the dead skin cells and hence the dandruff flakes.
  • Don’t allow make up base and eyebrow pencil to stay for long hours on your face.
  • Cleansing should be a routine according to our winter beauty tips suggestions.
  • Do not use astringents and other acidic products on your face and especially on eyebrows during winter. This is a must for eyebrow maintenance and avoiding eyebrow dandruff.

We hope our Indian beauty tips would benefit you this winter in your eyebrow maintenance.

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