10 Amazing Hair Care Benefits of Castor Oil

10 Amazing Hair Care Benefits of Castor Oil

No oil can do you harm, just good. Similar is the case when it comes to Castor oil. With  thick and gooey viscosity, this oil if applied with regularity can do wonders for your hair. With the fluctuating weather conditions and the number of chemicals being applied on the scalp on a daily basis, it is the ultimate requirement to apply something that has unnumbered benefits.

Women hair use castor oil

With the advancement of hair straightening, styling and curling it becomes essential to maintain the volume of the hair, otherwise every woman would be bad before they hit their 30’s.  This oil is composed of omega 6essential fatty acids that allow you to have thick and voluminous hair. Therefore, following are 10 amazing hair care benefits of castor oil.

1. Promotes hair growth:

hair growth for womens

If you want to jump start or even promote hair growth, castor oil is the thing to use. It can either be applied directly or for an even more hair boasting effect can be mixed with coconut or almond oil and generously applied on the scalp for a minimum of 3hours to a maximum of a day or as many as you please. It helps you to reduce all hair problems.

2. Hair loss reduction:

Women Hair loss

As mentioned above, with the increase of the use of chemicals it is a problem for every man and woman: hair loss. With its components this problem can easily be conquered. Thoroughly massage the oil on your scalp which makes the nutrients of the oil to penetrate through, the massaging effect also stimulated blood flow to the scalp.

3. Hair Darkening:

hair darkening spray for women

With every wash of the scalp the hair grows lighter in tone and shade. But with the regular application of castor oil the natural nutrients of the hair are kept locked in thus making it appear darker and healthier.

4. Helps treat scalp infections:

scalp infections hair for women

Castor oil is more than a normal oil. One of its many properties is that it is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. So if you have a bald patch as a result of a previous stress related disease, not only will castor oil rid you of the remnants of that disease but also rid you of that bald patch. If applied on the scalp on a daily basis, this problem can be fixed at an a lot faster pace.

5. Reduces split ends:

split ends hair for women

If the general hair health is maintained with the use of this oil, split ends become the least of the problems. With thorough application of the oil from the roots to the tips, this problem can easily be minimized and even finished

6. Prevents hair breakage:

less hair breakage

Healthier and well nourished hair means less hair breakage and more hair growth.

7. Gives voluminous hair:

hair voluminous

If the regular health of the hair is kept under a constant check, split ends are reduced, hair breakage is countered, the user as a result ends up with lush and voluminous hair.

8. Moisturizes your hair:

Moisturize Dry Hair

With the consistency and nutrition found in this oil the omega-6 or oftentimes omega-9 nutrients found in this hair keep it well conditioned and moisturized.

9. Rids you of a dry scalp:

dry scalp hair

With constant miniaturization, a dry scalp becomes the least of one’s worries.

10. Adds a shine to your hair:

shine hair dye

This oil, when washed off retains the natural shine of your hair and even exhibits its own vitality to your hair thus making it appear shinier.

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