Hair Loss – Dos & Don’ts

Hair Loss – Dos & Don’ts

Hair Loss Dos and DontsUnlike men, women when experience hair loss, they see that their hair loss is spread out and diffused. They don’t appear bald like men who lose hair from a specific portion of scalp. Hair loss in women appears from thinning out of hair all over the head instead of one particular, localised area. For this reason, sometimes women event can’t notice that their hair are falling excessively. Hair loss in women sometimes occurs when hair don’t grow back after falling or hair growth becomes slower. The only way to notice hair fall is by examining hair brush, watching out pillow and shower area.

  • Major Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women is usually because of some hormonal changes, genetic tendencies, after effects of medications, thyroid disorders, extreme stress and many other reasons. Whatever the cause of hair loss be. Follow the hair care tips below to enjoy sound looking, thick and shinny hair!

  • Hair Care Tips – Dos & Don’ts

If you are experiencing a bad hair care resulting in dandruff, greying, brittleness, or hair thinning out. No matter what the reasons are! Follow these easy home based remedies and see the results yourself.

  • Balanced Diet Helps Preventing Hair Loss:

Balanced diet has a clear effect on hair. Proteins are good for your hair. You must watch your vitamins and mineral intake and observe where the disbalance might be if you are suffering from hair loss. Try not to use food with preservatives, especially avoid processed food. Vitamins B, folic acid and biotin are good for your hair and skin. Vitamin C can be very helpful in improving the blood circulation in scalp, resulting in a better hair regrowth. Zinc is known for better hair growth while amino acids L-cysteine and L-methionine help improving the hair quality.

On the contrary, Don’t take large doses of vitamin A as it can directly result in hair loss!

  • Be Gentle With Your Hair

When comes to tips for hair loss, your being harsh to your hair while washing and drying can also be a reason behind your air loss. Hair care tips experts recommend that you should wash and dry them gently. Avoid excessive use of hair dryer, hair irons, and other hair treatments such as colouring and permanent perming.

Avoid shampooing everyday. When washing remain gentle while rubbing. Remove every trace of shampoo by excessive rinse. Don’t use hot water on your head. After shampooing, condition your hair properly to keep the scalp hydrated. Never rub your hair with towel vigorously. Tips for hair loss recommend to avoid medicated shampoos without being specifically prescribed. Usually hair experts baby shampoos for being mild during hair loss.

  • Try Home Based Hair Care Tips

Try to massage your hair thoroughly with some oil at least twice a week, but never allow the oil to stay in your scalp over night as it can be damaging for the roots. Hair might grow weaker this way and fall as a result. The best possible oil is olive oil, almond oil, mustard oil and Castor oil. You can try a mixture of all these four oils for a better result.

Egg and honey mask, or aloe vera conditioner also help preventing hair loss in women.

Hope you restore your hair growth by following the above mentioned tips for hair loss.

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