How to Maintain Healthy Hair this Monsoon

How to Maintain Healthy Hair this Monsoon

Maintain Healthy Hair this MonsoonMonsoon is a season when you find yourself complaining about having bad hair days. You may thank the rain Gods for driving away the roasting summer heat but your hair may not.

The rains simply spell disaster for your hair, as this humid season turn your hair frizzy, scalp greasy and result in hair fall and other hair problems.

This season often make your hair hobble and lifeless. Your hair gets tangled and turns flat due to the excessive amount of moisture in the air in monsoon. Therefore this is the most crucial time for you to follow a thorough hair care regime to maintain healthy hair in monsoon.

6 Steps to Maintain Healthy Hair in Monsoon

Cover Hair Properly

First of all try to cover your hair in rain, avoid getting your hair wet in the rains, as the pollutants in the rain may weaken the shaft bonds, making your hair dull and hobble. Cover your hair before going out to protect them from humidity. Use a scarf or a hat to protect your tress or tie a ponytail before stepping out.

Regular Hair Washing

A myth is there that frequently washing hair is not good for the health of the hair but researches proved whatever the season, you can wash your hair as many times as you want. In monsoon season, you can was

h hair every alternate day to protect them from dirt and impurities. Before washing, condition your hair with hot olive oil. It is an instant solution that deeply penetrates the scalp and hair strands. This locks in the moisture, leaving them soft and smooth, after washing use conditioner.

Changing Hair Style

Chang your hairstyle, try to cut your hair short. If you can’t handle wild locks, dare to get a funky, short haircut this monsoon. Short haircuts are easy to manage, low-maintenance requires, and works wonderfully with curly as well as straight hair.

Avoid Styling Products

Stop using styling products; monsoon is not the right time to overload your hair with styling products such as gel or serums. They increase the sweat content in your hair and are very hard to remove. These products flatten your hair all the more and make them sticky.

Avoid Hair Treatment

Keep the natural texture of your hair in monsoon, avoid hot hair treatments such as perming, straightening or coloring in the rainy monsoon, as these treatments need time to settle on your hair and are likely to be washed away in the rain. Such treatments when combined with wet weather tend to weaken the hair shaft and promote breakage, hair fall and split ends.

Balance Date

You are what, what you eat. So keep your diet balance if you want to have healthy hair. Add plenty of green vegetables and seeds in your diet for healthy hair.


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