Most Profound and Widely Followed Hair Trends

Most Profound and Widely Followed Hair Trends

With 2015 people began making newer pacts and following hair trends, food trends and several other trends that are now a norm for everyone. The biggest changes we have noticed from 2014 to 2-15 on the red carpet are for the hair. Celebrities no longer shy away from making a bold statement anymore be it for their hair, their clothes their taste in men or anything else for that matter.

Following are 7 of the most profound and widely followed hair trends of 2015 so far:

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1. Warm Brown colors

hair color trend

You can always play it safe without wonderful honeycomb colors blending into the walnut shades of brown. Brown is a color that always remains in and what best but to in the winter-esque 2015 with lush shades of brown with glossy undertones.

2. Bold colors

party hair color

As mentioned above people no longer shy away from bold hair colors. So if you want to turn heads this year go for a color you never would regularly. Shades of blue, auburn and purple have found their way on the red carpet. So why can’t you try your luck with them this 2015?

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3. Chop them off

chopped hair trends

2014 going in 2015 is all about short hair. it can be a pixie cut or a short bob or any other style as long as your hair ends right above your shoulders. Want to try a new trend this year? Chop off your curls and embrace your funky side.

4. Auburn curls

indian curl hair trends

These have been for a long time and no one expects them to find their way off people’s heads any time soon. Try enhancing your gorgeous features with this hair style and color.

5. Ash Blonde hair

Ash Blonde for women

Blonde has always been in but with 2015 we can see the brightest stars taking it a step further with their ash blonde bobs and curls.

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6. Plaited

celebs hair color and style

If you want to embrace your true girly side then you can experiment with the wide variety of plaited hairstyles made available for you this season. Look elegant and innocent with a gorgeous plaited braid.

7. The edgy look

short hair color and styles

Gone are the times when people expect your hair to be in perfect shape at all times. Cut them off and leave them rough and edgy. Add spunk to your hair.

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