Short Hair Styles for Summer

Short Hair Styles for Summer

Short Hair Styles for Summer‘’If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton

This summer short hair is much in trend. Within short hair there are varieties also, some of them are pixie hair, bob, spiky edgy cut, and demi bob and so on.

  • Pixie Hair:

Pixie hair is 60s inspired. It has a huge come back this year 2012 hair styles through different celebrities and singers. This is the most celebrated hair cut this year among women.

It goes the best with women having thick wavy or straight hair. Pixie cut suits women with short face, heart shaped or oval or square faces. It does not suit girls or women having long or round face.

Pixie hair cut gives you a tom-boy yet a feminine look. It needs to be trimmed after every five to six weeks. But it is very easyshort hair style for summers, just a wash and go type. It is best for those whose hair is not curly.

  • I Don’t Care Hair Cut:

I don’t care or Alexa Chung hairstyle is also in fashion. It is very elegant hair cut. Alexa is a fashion model in UK. Her stylish cut gives a look of a little un-kept hair that goes the best on wavy hair. This cut is as short as it goes down near to your jawbone only. This hair style suits oval face. It is a very casual hair style for a tousled shag look.

  • Long/Demi-BobIn Summer:

2012 short hairstyles for summers have a new name for long bobs ‘’demi-bob’’. Bobs are much in trend this season.
Just chop your hair off to mid

neck or shoulder. Almost all the actresses from US to Paris are going for it. It is something new and different to try on.

But long bob or demi-bob has certain rules to follow such as if you make them blunt they will become uninteresting. Back-combing, thick bangs or fringes at the back gives your hair a typical 70s look. Demi-bob must not be too layered; otherwise it will not be called bob. It works the best on wavy hair or straight and it can go with all hair textures. It gives a versatile look to you either way whether straight your hair or dry them. So go for this hair style for summer.

  • Spiky Edgy Cuts In Summer:

Spiky edgy cuts are most dramatizing short hair style this summer. They give a fashion statement. Spiky edgy cut can go with anyone having a fashion sense. Celebrities have preferred this short hair cut while mixing it with bob. It is futuristic and looks perfect for all the occasions. It is a mixture of both class and an up-to-date girl.

Spiky edgy cuts always create a crazy style. They are very funky and suit both girls and boys. Many celebrities are kissed goodbye to their long hair and chosen edgy funky look for a nice, gorgeous change. They are best for square faces.

  • Bob Cuts For Summer:

This year summers short hair cut bob is everywhere, whether it is demi- bob or short bob or simple bob. It is just around!

2012 has given it an edge. Hot bobs are now messy and tousled; they have an end near your chin or a little below chin. Faux-bob is also in trend, if you want to look too stylish it is meant for you this season.

If you have a good jaw line, bob is all yours this year. Long bobs are best for those having a long face, while bobs are best on medium hair. And don’t go for bob if you have course hair type. If you have wavy hair then choose long bobs, they are perfect for you!


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