Trends for Hairstyles and Haircuts For 2012

Trends for Hairstyles and Haircuts For 2012

for Hairstyles and Haircuts for 2012

The trends for hairstyles and haircuts for 2012 are a combo of vintage and modern. The flicks, fringes, pixie crop and choppy, edgy haircuts are in and look extremely classy. Buns, curls, swirls and French hairstyles have resurged and popular for formal events.


The trends for 2012 are a combo of vintage and modern. Everything from shoes & clothes to makeup and hairstyle define your fashion statement. Some of the hot trends in haircuts are given here.

  • Side bangs, flicks

Bangs are flicks are still one the most popular haircuts. They add a style to your hair and suits women of all age. Choose to be innovative with your bangs and make them edgy and sassy rather than curvy.

  • Fringe

The overarching haircut trends will define style for you and put in the glint. The evened out fringes look extremely chic. You can iron it or blow dry to side, looks great both ways.

  • Pixie crop

The choppy hairstyles are rocking this season. The pretty pixie crop has been revived and the experimental pixie haircuts are spectacular. It is one of the most glamorous haircuts and those who want to keep short hair must switch from the bobs to the retro choppy look.


Revive and evolve the hairstyles to add that extra spark to your personality. If you are not in to getting haircuts to stay in style then just go for the classy and iconic hairstyles. A few are mentioned here:

  • Styling with Tongs

The hot swirls add a body to your hair and it is the best casual hairstyle. Tongs stylize the boring long hair and this hairstyle is easy and quick to get and stays long. You can either get edgy bangs or make a rough high bun with swirly hair strands let loose. It’s the most appropriate hairstyle for the laid back hair.

  • French twist

One of the most traditional and vintage hairstyle is French twist which has resurged in the recent years and has become a popular hairstyle again. Its gives a classy and chic look. Its can be made up with medium and long hair and can be stylized with hair accessories like beads.

  • Buns

Loose buns give a very Soft subtle look. For a formal gathering, the buns look sleek and if you are wearing jewelry pieces then it’s the perfect hairstyle to do up. The tight high buns or the loose casual buns with pinned hair are a good way to manage plain, volume-less hair.

In hairstyles, you can go for a sleek and sharp look and steal the limelight. Or, you can stay subtle and choose a tousled hairstyle and go classy. The occasion and the clothes matter a big deal in deciding on your haircuts and hairstyles.

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