Home Spa – Indulge in the Spa Experience

Home Spa – Indulge in the Spa Experience

Home Spa Indulge in the Spa ExperienceDon’t you just envy the neighbors or friend couples that get to retreat in Summers or Winters to weekends at spa and resorts. Well, ladies, you can have a sensational home spa experiences with our home spa treatment “recipes”. These home spa treatments will give you all the leisure and invigorating skin with cool and inexpensive home spa materials – from your refrigerator!!

  • Strawberry Mask

In your deluxe home spa, create a strawberry mask as a home spa treatment to ward off any acne or blemishes. Beat an egg-white till it’s frothy and mix 3 large strawberries and 1 Tbsp. of honey. When this mixture is prepared, add 1 Tbsp. of oatmeal in it. Mix the ingredients well and your very own home spa treatment is prepared.

  • Avocado Mask

While avocado might not be readily available from the vendors in the streets. You can always get it from the grocery store and mix 1/2 avocado, 1 tablespoon yogurt, 1 egg white, and 1/3 teaspoon lemon juice to prepare a 15-minute facial mask in your home spa. This home spa treatment is best suited for oily skin.

  • Banana Scrub

Another home spa treatment as a part of your home spa indulgence could be banana scrub, where you mix 1 tablespoon oats, 1 teaspoon yogurt, and 1/2 banana to gently massage your dead skin cells off. Your home spa scrub treatment will make every skin-type glow with health.

  • Orange Peel

Why use chemical citrus scrubs when you can simply wrap orange peel in bathroom gauze and gently use during shower as a home spa treatment. With your home spa just costing you few bucks, who needs to spend thousands on a get-away!

Your home spa treatments can be planned according to your schedule – after all, it’s YOUR home spa! And it can be fun for working couples who need time off from their busy schedules, yet enjoy the comfort of their homes. Home spa treatments are essential now to maintain your healthy skin. When everyone is not capable of extravagant spending, a home spa is the best choice!

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