Home Spa Through Easy And Affordable Tips

Home Spa Through Easy And Affordable Tips

Home Spa through Easy Affordable TipsSpa trend has become very popular among women. It is a best way to relax you and get rid of all the tension of daily life. It does not only make you look beautiful but also comfortable.

Now-a-days, women tend to go to different spa saloon but many prefer to use their own products at home. Home spa is an effective and inexpensive way of relaxing and making oneself very much comfortable rather than salon spa which can be very expensive sometimes.

Many women claims that home spa is very easy and affordable way to take care of skin and protect it from toxic chemicals which can cause lots of damages. Another plus point of home spa is time duration. Now you can enjoy your treatment as long as you wish and whenever you want it so. There is no restriction of timing that actually gives you more tension. You are free from transportation cost.  Now just enjoy an exciting spa at home whenever you desire so at very economic price.

Relax your Muscle with a Charming Massage in Home Spa

It is very essential to relax your muscle properly with warm water in bath tab and add certain mineral oils in the water. I also like to add some milk and salt in warm water. Be sure to use warm water not hot water that may burn your skin. Soak your body in the water that may calm your metabolic rate. Use fragrant mineral oil to message your body in circular manner with help of your fingertips. It is very necessary to message on shoulders, back, neck, arms and feet as well.

Soften your skin in Home Spa using Scrubbing Method

It is very necessary to exfoliate out your skin with help of good scrub that suits your skin very well. Sesame seed along with kosher salt is great technique to prepare scrub at home that will result you soft and nourished skin at very affordable price. Heat sesame seeds in oven at 350˚gor about 2 – 4 minutes and crush with salt to take out oil from it.

Message your neck, face, elbow, feet and hands gently on your skin. You may store this scrub for six months. Keep it away from direct sunlight. It is important to message with your fingertips toward the heart in order to stimulate blood flow, increase circulation that results in skin glow.

Nourish your Hands and Feet

It is very necessary to have beautiful and smooth feet that add charm to your personality. Papaya mask is very effective remedy that helps to get rid of rough and scaly skin at very cheap price in home spa. Mix papaya, honey, yogurt and olive oil in the blender and mix it in blender. Message it with help of fingertips in circular motion. Put your feet in warm water tab along with some salt, milk, shampoo and mineral oil. Dry your feet after 10 minutes and apply some moisturizer on it. Enjoy affordable home spa at least once in week.

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