5 Tips to Get the Perfect Summer Home Spa Pedicure

5 Tips to Get the Perfect Summer Home Spa Pedicure

Perfect Summer Home Spa PedicureThe summer season brings all the open-toed sandals and heels; so treat your feet with the royal foot treatment with a pedicure at the very comfortable home spa in summer. The idea is that the toe is no more outshined pale and wintery looking.

The idea for summer spa at home and that too for the spa pedicure is amazing and it needs to be done with perfection and for that we need to follow some simple tips.

Covered feet are happier

The idea of the woollen socks and the boots make the feet happy and cosy. The tenderness is maintained when they are covered up. Besides that most of the women do not paint the toe nails when they wear covered shoes but never forget to paint the nails while you wear summer sandals. Besides that the home spa idea of a summer spa pedicure has to be topped up with the thought of the amazing pedicures which retain the wintery softness and the beautiful heel of the foot.

Tool kit

The answer to all your foot woes this summer due to the open-toed sandals and the wedges and the summer sun and long days make the feet well deserved of a nice home spa pedicure. For a summer home spa pedicure it is essential to invest in all the necessary tools which include tools to tend to trodden heels all summer long. You need a toenail clipper, coarse nail file, nail buffer, foot file, orange wood cuticle stick and even a tool to exfoliate and foot cream.

Nail colours

The choice of nail colours this summer has to be made wisely so that you top off the home spa pedicure with a nice nail colour to feel and show off the difference that your feet will speak of.

Follow the Essential Pedicure Steps

Step one for every pedicure and even home spa pedicure would be to remove the nail polish. Step two is soak the feet in warm water include a few drops of essential oils like lavender and peppermint to it for making the warm water perfect for home spa experience. Clip the toe nails shape them up , file them and then buff then for a shiny finish. When you are done finish off with a good moisturizer and then apply the perfect colour of nail polish.

Home spa in summer provides relief to the feet every night and you will then be a happy feet person. When you continue to be the one who gives the feet a happy home spa pedicure then you will get to know how the pressure points of the feet can help relief stress and relax you for a long period of time.

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