How to get Gorgeous Matte Lips

How to get Gorgeous Matte Lips

How Get Gorgeous Matte LipsLips are that part of your face, which are so important that you can’t forget. If you are working lady and have to go to office daily, so you need to do extra care. As winter has is on it full and lips dry due to cold wind. For gorgeous lips you need to re-fresh your lipstick time by time and also do have a lips balm in your hand bag.

Matte lips stick is known for its long lasting capacity and without shine. Gorgeous matte lips are been in trend from long time ago, especially when women are entering in their practical life. Because when they are busy in their life they don’t get a chance/time to make over of lips again and again.  Gorgeous matte lips are usually preferred by young ladies as they have to do lot of other things then to make gorgeous matte lips. Old ladies do not prefer this dry and un shiny look, because as they all said that this is a dry look and tend lips skin toward dryness. And the fact is that it really is dry and lack of moisturizer.

When you are going to purchase a gorgeous matte lips stick, do keep few thing in your mind. Like the most important thing is that what are the ingredients of your gorgeous matte lips stick. When matte lips stick was firstly introduce it was made of beeswax, oil and colour in a tube of mold. But with the passage of time they start adding paraffin wax, carnauba wax, olive oil, castor oil, lanolin oil, cocoa butter and also cow brain fats these are mostly used ingredients in matte lips stick and other ingredient made upon the nature and brand of lips stick.

Here are few tips for your lips care, how to get gorgeous matte lips:

  • First of all you need to take care of your lips, as matte lips sticks have low level of oil and wax. So keep your lips moistures for smooth and silky look.
  • The key point to get gorgeous matte lips is that, you need to know is your matte lips texture matching with your rest of makeup.
  • If you are going to a night party or wedding then matte lips is not a good choice. As they give more flat finish look.
  • There are lots of colors in market for matte lips looks, like orange, pale orange, red, pink and hot pink. You need to choice one of them for you.
  • Now you have to clean your lips properly and use a lips balm, moisturizer or Vaseline with cotton. Don’t use it in large quantity as the purpose of it to don’t tend to dry the moisture of your lips.
  • Then do a code of matte lips stick on your lips and place tissues in between your lips and gently press them. This is a best way to keep your matte lips stick long lasting.
  • Then again make a code of matte lips stick for a long lasting look of lips.

By following these ways to get gorgeous matte lips, due follow these steps for beauty of your lips.

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