How to Apply Makeup on Small Eyes

How to Apply Makeup on Small Eyes

How to Apply Makeup Small EyesMake up techniques does not allow one to enhance the beauty but also help in enhancing and correcting other facial features of women. Applying makeup in a right way will make your disproportionate eyes look more proportionate and balanced.

Few make up tips will enlarge your eyes and dramatically change the features and facial expressions.

  • Applying Pastel Color on Eyes:

The 1st eye makeup tip not to avoid for small eyes includes applying lighter tone eye shades on smaller eyes make them look big. Apply the light shades on the crease of eyelid and spread all over towards brow line. It requires smooth blending of the shade with the brush avoid using the finger tips. It will lift up the eye and exhibit soft yet simple appeal.

Avoid using the darker tone eye shades will make our eyes look even smaller. It acts as a closing spot eyes hide behind the black covering. However the light tints widen the eye.

  • Use Eyeliners Instead Dark Pencils

The 2nd eye makeup tip not to avoid for small eye is of not using the black eyeliners or thick black pencil because it brings attention towards the eyelid. Frosted shades make ones eye look heavy.  Try using the color eyeliners in the shades of blue, grey, green, ivory, silver and gold will open the hues of eyes and the natural color of eyes gets prominent.

Try to darken the outer corners of the hue don’t apply the liner on the entire eyelid, remember go for the thin liner. Don’t forget to leave a little space under the eyebrow. Use the shimmer or light shade will make the larger looking eye. Always match the shade of shimmer with your skin tone it will help in complimenting the natural color of your skin.

  • Bold Your Eyelashes

The 3rd eye makeup tip not to avoid for small eye is here for you. If you are so fond of using the black tone over your eyes. Then here you go. Use the black curling mascara with intense volume, don’t leave the lower lashes apply thick mascaras to both upper and lower lashes. After applying one quote go for the second layer to make your lashes become thicker.

Maintain a little difference applying two tones on upper lashes makes eye side opening and just apply one layer coat on lower lashes. It is better to use lash curler to make it more high lightening. You can also use glitter liner in the lower lash line. Even if you are using black eyeliner then also apply white or silver colored eyeliner to this waterline. You can even add the false eye lashes. It’s about opening and framing your eyes. Natural eye lashes can be enhanced by following the above mentioned tricks but one can also use a set of eyelashes.

  • Usage of Eye Pencils and Sharpener

The 4th eye makeup tip not to avoid for small eye requires you to purchase a silver color or white color pencil. It is not necessary to go for any brand. To get attraction towards the whites of the eye apply the white eyeliner pencil to the inner lines of the eye. Then it comes to outline the whites. Well you can simply apply dark brown or black eyeliner in lining the top. While always separate your sharpener for the while pencil. Using same sharpener for every pencil because it takes a risk of contaminating and stain produced when applied on eyes. Always use make up brush to wipe the debris.

  • Choose Which Eye To Highlight At First Place

The 5th eye makeup tip not to avoid for small eye is to choose which eye to apply makeup. Don’t start applying makeup on both eyes at the same time. It requires to gently pull the below skin downward and separating lower lid from the eye area. Area around the eye is sensitive so deal it with softly. Then line the bottom inner lid with pencil only.  Same procedure repeats for another eye.

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