How to Do a Natural Makeup Look

How to Do a Natural Makeup Look

Most men would say that they prefer natural women because they don’t like to kiss a lady wearing a lot of lipstick, foundation and other makeup products, so in this case it’s time to learn how to do a natural makeup look.

Natural Look

Great Tips for a Natural Makeup Look

Firstly, you should prepare your skin. You should wash your face with a mild cleanser and also use a makeup remover. After that, start hydrating your skin by choosing an adequate moisturizer for your skin type. Continue by adding a primer; this way, your makeup will last longer. The next step is the coverage. Those of you lucky enough to have great, imperfection-free skin, should opt for a tinted moisturizer, or just use concealer to cover up possible red spots.

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If, however, your skin is needs a higher coverage, go for small layers of foundation and use a sponge for the application. A natural makeup would not be the same without that lovely glow. How do you get it? You just have to use shimmer for highlighting. Our recommendation: All Over Shimmer by Stila ($20). Just apply it on your brow bone, in the corner of your eyes and along your cheekbones and your skin will get a sexy glow.

Natural Makeup Look

Your face is now ready for a touch of color. You should know, however, that a natural eye makeup implies using an eyelash curler and just a coat of mascara. You should go for pastel eyeshadow shades and avoid using eyeliner. Do you want just a pinch of color on your cheeks? Go for a creamy or liquid blush that will blend easily and will make your makeup look more natural. You should not forget about your lips! If you want a natural lasting look, pick a shade that matches your lips and press the color onto your lips with your fingertip.

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You should focus on the center and blend out afterwards. Try the Aveda Uruku Color Gloss in Berry ($20). It has the intensity of a lipstick and the shimmer of a lip gloss. Plus, it nourishes your lips for a long period of time. The final step is applying the powder. If you have oily skin or you simply want to avoid your makeup to crease by the middle of the day, you should define your natural look with a light sheer powder. Keep in mind that if your skin is already dry, you should better skip this step.

Natural Makeup Look

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