Tips to Apply Flawless Foundation

Tips to Apply Flawless Foundation

Tips Apply Flawless FoundationWhenever going to any event, you want to achieve the natural look just like celebrities having that flawless look with makeup on TV. Well achieving that natural look is not that hard in fact it’s pretty easy when you apply flawless foundation while putting your makeup on.

Of course there are other ways to make your skin healthy and glow but it’s not a bad idea to get that natural look with flawless foundation makeup. Applying flawless foundation is easy once you get to know how to do it. You need to know how to apply a flawless foundation then you get that special particular look that you want the most.

Here are a few flawless foundation tips which will help you to apply a flawless foundation matching perfectly with your skin and getting rid of that fakeness.

Flawless Foundation Tips:

  • Choose The Right Shade of A Foundation

The very first step for applying a flawless foundation is to choose the right shade of a foundation matching your skin tone. The goal of foundation is to neutralize any type of discoloration appearing while applying makeup. This is what a flawless foundation actually means. In order for you to get the shade of skin tone all you have to do is to pick 2 or 3 shades which match your skin tone and swipe them on your cheek. The one closest to your skin tone and leaves no lines between the skin and the shade color is the right shade for you.

  • Clean The Skin

Before starting on that flawless foundation, your face must be clean and moisturized because it will allow the makeup to be smooth and the makeup will blend easier.

  • Applying The Foundation

Now it’s time to apply that flawless foundation. Dot the foundation with your finger, sponge or a brush and apply it your forehead, cheek, chin and down your nose. I would recommend using a brush because sponge usually absorbs most of the foundation while brush will help you blend more flawlessly especially a kabuki brush. It will give an airbrush glow and less will seem more.

  •  Using Hands To Apply Foundation

If you are using your fingers to apply the foundation, simply use a massaging motion to apply it as it will blend more smoothly into your skin and you will get the flawless foundation which you wanted.

  •  Using Sponge To Apply Foundation

If you are using a sponge to apply the flawless foundation then use a dry sponge for more coverage with a stippling method while for less coverage use a wet sponge with long smooth strokes. One of the very important flawless foundation tips you should keep in mind.

  •  Applying Concealor With Foundation

Here I would like to mention one of the important flawless foundation tips that if you are considering using a concealer, apply it after the foundation. After applying the foundation you won’t need that much concealer because that would be doing too much if you want the flawless foundation makeup. Just apply the concealer on the spots which need the treatment.

  •  See In Natural Light

To make sure that you have applied a flawless foundation, look at it in the natural light to make sure that the foundation has blended completely. If you seem to notice that you need more coverage than try using the concealer instead of applying more foundation.

  •  Balancing Foundation With Wet Sponge

Another one of those flawless foundation tips I would recommend if you think your foundation is too heavy and is not the flawless foundation which you wanted. The best way to deal with that is to dab a sponge in water and work the formula on the face or you can also try dusting with correcting powder.

  •  Drying The Foundation

Last but not the least to keep your flawless foundation in a flawless condition, allow it to dry and then blot it lightly with a tissue and use a yellow-based powder to reduce the shine.

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