10 Christmas Nail Art Designs

10 Christmas Nail Art Designs

Do you want to add more fun to your Christmas apparel by embellishing your nails with awesome and unique nail art designs? Well, scroll down to check out some special Christmas Nail Art Ideas.

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1. Snowman Designs:

Snowman Designs nails

The finest idea to flaunt your nails this season is to create the snowman nail design. For this, you need white and black nail polishes. Use white color to paint the snowman and black color to make its eyes, button and hat,

2. Starry Designs:

Starry Designs nails

If you want to try something completely unique, then make the starry design. To flourish this design, firstly paint all your nails with red color. After that, make a large star on the surface of your nail using golden glitter. Then, stick golden rhinestones on the edges of stars.

3. Christmas tree Nail Design:

tree Nail Design

Sweep on the base coat and apply golden glitter polish to all your nails. Once it has been dried well, paste a Christmas tree nail decal in the mid of nail. It is very easy but unique idea.

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4. Christmas Light Nail Design:

Light Nail Design

Paint all your nails with a light hue of nail polish i.e. pink, light green etc. Now use a small brush to draw vertical and horizontal lines on entire nail using black nail polish. In the final step, put dots of glitter golden polish on the lines.

5. Santa Claus Nail Art Design:

Santa Claus Nails

Santa Claus is one of the most popular Christmas nail art designs. For this you need white red and black nail polishes. Make the U (Santa’s face) using white polish, then paint a red triangle on the top of “U” to make Santa’s cap. Silver rhinestones will be used to make the eyes.

6. Flower Design:

Flower Design nails

Flower nail art never goes out of fashion. You can create this ever-green design on this Christmas. Here is a trendy idea to make cute flower design. Firstly go for the French manicure with light pink base and white tips. Now grab red nail polish and use it to paint a tiny flower at the base of nail. Place a golden rhinestone in the mid of flower.

7. Candy Cane Nail Art:

Candy  Nail Art

Paint the nails with white nail paint and then draw diagonally stripes using shimmery red polish.

8. Add Festive Glow to Your Nails:

Festive Glow Nails

Paint all your nails with golden polish and allow it to dry completely. Now take “cupid” sticker in white color and stick it in the mid of nail.

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9. Use Christmas Nail Stickers:

Christmas Nails

An instant way to enhance the glory of nails is applying the Christmas nail decals that are easily available on the markets in multiple colors and designs.

10. Bow Designs:

Bow Nails

Paint your nails in different colors to give them an inspiring look. For this, take five different colors of nail polishes and use them to paint the nail. Finally, stick a silver bow Christmas stickers on the top of your nail.

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