10 DIY Glittery Nail Art

10 DIY Glittery Nail Art

Shine and shimmer is the new trend and if you want to follow this trend then your glitter, gold, fireworks and other sparkling shades out of the closets and enjoy the new styles.

DIY Glittery Nail Art

I am sharing some simple and very easy to apply designs for all of you, you don’t really have to make the exact designs,

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you can get some inspiration and enjoy, but you need to make sure you use base coat before every nail art, no matter what, and now here are some simple nail art designs.

Double Glitter Manicure:

Nail Art

It is very simple and for that you need to pick a base shade, it should to be a plain shade and then let it get dry completely and then take nice shimmer shade and apply on one side and then take another glitter and apply on other tip and create a V like look and the finish the look with top coat, as simple as that.

DIY Blast Nails:

Blast Nails

It is a beautiful look and for that the only thing you need is lots of passions and steady hands, you just need to pain your nails in black and except one and then take the shiner shade you have and make blast design with your shimmer shade and doting tool and take your nail art pen and writer something sweet on the DIY Glittery Nail Art you painted with some other shade.

Silver / Gold Glitter Manicure:

Silver / Gold Glitter Manicure

It is again a very simple and I am using two nail shades with that, you just use one plain shade and then take golden glitter nails polish and you would need some lose silver glitter too, just apply base coat which I am taking white one and then we will apply golden glitter nail polish over dried layer of base shade and then when it is still wet,

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we will take some lose silver glitter and we will place it over DIY Glittery Nail Art and then finish the look with top coat after 10 minutes.

Golden Eve Nail Art:

Golden Nail Art

We will start with plain nail shade, I am picking pure black shade for base and then we will give it full time to get dry and then we will take some Christmas thin ribbons and then wrap it around your DIY Glittery Nail Art three times and then apply super glittery golden nail polish right over it and taraa!!!

Fireworks Inspired:

Fireworks Inspired nailWell this is one nail art which will give you the liberty to get as many shades of glitter as many you like, so we will start with plain base coat and I am using plain black shade as base shade, but you can use dark blue too, and now it is time draw some fireworks all over your DIY Glittery Nail Art you need to apply a big dot on any corner or your nails and now take your thin nib nail art tool and draw firework look with that and use different shade over every nails to give the bright look, and you can use lose shimmer sprinkle to get brighter look.

Taped Stiletto Moons:

Stiletto Moons red nail

It is a very simple yet very cute look, and perfect if you need something within a short time, you just apply base coat and let it get dry and then we will apply clear tape and apply on the nails and leave a plain V in middle and then we apply multi shaded glitter and let it get dry before apply base coat.

Shooting Star:

Shooting Star women nail

This one is the greatest nail art that you can try on this bright season, because we use super shimmery shade as base shade too, we will pick a glitter moon light shade and then we will apply lose glitters, small, big and lots of lots of glitter all over the DIY Glittery Nail Art and we will let it get dry and then we will apply top-coat to keep the glitters in the place, you can use starts and loss shimmer for this look too if you like.

DIY Caviar Manicure:

Caviar Manicure nail

we all know how cuter caviar look, the only issue you need to handle is, how to secure these cuter caviar, and how to glitter them up too, so we will use slightly shiny base coat and then we will apply cuter caviar of the same shade and then

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we will sprinkles very fine very smooth shimmer all over the caviar before they get dry and you are done, you need to apply the top coat, but when it get dry completely, but don’t apply too much DIY Glittery Nail Art.

BLING Nails:

Bling Your Nails

It is an ultimate shiny nails look, but it needs lots of hard work, you need to take each and every BLING and apply over your nails and it has to be before your nails shade get dry, and that is one reason we normally don’t apply all over the DIY Glittery Nail Art, we will apply the base and we will apply the BLING before nail shades get dry.

Via: nailmove

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