6 Things That Are Impossible To Do With Long Nails

6 Things That Are Impossible To Do With Long Nails

As much as we like the dainty, feminine look and feel of having long nails, we have to admit that they make easy day-to-day activities TORTUROUS. Whether they’re acrylic, gel or just our natural nails grown out, there’s only a very limited time we can bear them before wanting to tear them out! If you haven’t already experienced the harrowing long-nail effect, then consider yourself warned.

Putting on lenses:

What is normally a delicate task becomes doubly threatening with long nails. The fear of poking or scratching your lenses, or worse your eyes, is enough to make you stick to your spectacles for the duration of your long-nailed reign.


Long Nails for women

Whether using a phone or keyboard, typing of any kind is annoyingly hard. Your beautiful nails will constantly get stuck in the space between the keys on your keyboard, or make a maddening tap-tap-tap every time you use your smart phone. Since that’s about a bajillion times a day, brace yourself or keep your nail cutter handy.

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Putting on make-up:

Forget about using your fingers to apply foundation or any other pot products because you’re inevitably going to make lines or holes in the make-up and maybe even scratch your face. You’re also going to have product under your nails, which is a pain to get out.

Buttoning/Zipping your clothes:

Buttoning/Zipping your clothes

Zipping up or buttoning your shirt, jeans or jacket is now going to take you more than double the time it used to. Soldier on, though or choose a top long enough to cover your partially undone jeans or leave your shirt open with a tank top inside.

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Changing jeweler:

Putting on or taking off any kind of jeweler is going to eat into a majority of your dress-up time, so forget about that perfect cat eye. Ear or nose stud backs are going to slip into the valley between the underside of your nail and finger and conveniently get lost when you try to take them out. If you’re wearing a necklace or bracelet with a clasp, forget about it. This is one of those times you’re going to want your mum or roommate around.

Opening anything:

Opening anything nails

Opening a box, a can, a bag or anything is a pain…literally. We’ve lost count of the number of times our nails have bent backwards (which is indescribably painful) or worse still, broken off.

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