Easy Tips to Keep Your Nails Healthy

Easy Tips to Keep Your Nails Healthy

easy tips to keep your nails healthyOne thing girls love to do in their leisure time is to sit back, relax and spend ample time in beautifying their nails.

But who would want to spend time over nails that have lost their color and appear dull and unattractive. Not to worry! Here I am going to give you some handy and easy tips to keep your nails healthy. Be sure to follow them in order to obtain nice and healthy nails.

  • Diet

Firstly and most importantly one needs to fix their diet. Try increasing your consumption of food containing vitamin A in it. Improving your diet might just do wonders not only for your nails but for the entire body. Try having carrot juice, it has proven to be an excellent way of achieving beautiful nails. White spots on nails are worrisome for girls but if you really want to get rid of them then enrich yourselves with zinc. Having one glass of milk should be an essential to your daily diet; it helps in keeping your nails strong and healthy.

  • Moisturize or Oil Massage

Always remember to wash your hands with lukewarm water, dry them with a towel and apply your favorite moisturizer to it so the nails are softened and remain clean as well. Be sure to wipe nails completely because keeping them wet can develop fungal infections in them.

Nails need some pampering as well. For healthy and shiny nails, heat some sesame oil and then remove it when it is lukewarm. Dip your nails in it for 15-20 minutes and you will see the natural shine it would give your nails.

  • Nail Filing and Buffing

Remember to file your nails only when they are dry. Filing wet nails would make them break easily and would look uneven and unhealthy. Always dry them and then file them carefully and gently.

Nail biting is an extremely unhealthy habit. Always file them don’t bite them. To keep your nails shiny and even try buffing them at alternate days and maintain healthy and beautiful nails for long.

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