Fingernails can show Health Problems

Fingernails can show Health Problems

Fingernails can show Health ProblemsFingernails can indicate a lot of health problems. We often tend to ignore what are nails are like and we just let them be. We don’t take really care of them other than cutting or trimming them. Nails health is very important because fingernails can indicate serious health problems in a person. If there are tiny white clouds on your nails it means that your body lacks calcium and you should increase your calcium intake.

For example if the nails are constantly yellow then it has something to do with the respiratory condition. In this your nails thicken and the growth slows down leaving them discolored. Similarly small depressions in nails show a skin condition that produces scaly patches. It called nail pitting. Nails health is very important and it shouldn’t be neglected. Nail clubbing is another condition that can be formed when the nail tips expand and it can be due to low oxygen or because of lungs disease.

Spoon nails are also a condition that indicates amenia, the nails are in the form of a spoon and can almost hold a drop of liquid on it.

In Terry’s nail the nails look opaque and are darkened on the tips. This can also be because of aging but in other cases it indicates to serious diseases like heart failure, diabetes, liver disease and mal nutrition.

This why the doctors say that each and every party of your body is vital may it be small or big. Nails health is very important and should be kept under notice at all times. Whenever you see something different on your nails get an appointment with your doctor and get a checkup. These tiny issues can lead to some major diseases and they should be dealt with on time.

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