How to Remove Acrylic Nails

How to Remove Acrylic Nails

Remove Acrylic NailsAcrylic nails with different styles changes the overall appearances. And girls are taking keen interest these days to get Acrylic nails. Even don’t hesitate to spend money to get new styles of Acrylic nails.

Besides the fashion Acrylic nails have also many benefits for those who have damaged or short nails, those who are nail biters or it also helps to conceal broken nails. By using Acrylic nails it can help to get your desire nails strength. But one of the problematic things with Acrylic nails is how to remove Acrylic nails in proper way at home.

Mostly there are two ways to remove Acrylic nails. There are Acrylic nails removers available in markets but they might be so expensive to use them on regular basis. The easy way is buy a nail polish removal enriched with acetone. Acetone is chemical which uses in Acrylic nails removals. So buy the big bottle of nail polish removal which has much quantity of Acetone.

Now follow these steps to remove Acrylic nails:

  1. Take a bowl and put Acetone nail polish removal in it. Fill it until your Acrylic nails get soaked easily.
  2. Put the bowl in oven to just warm it. Don’t heat it on high degree.
  3. Cut off your Acrylic nails, as much as you can. Then massage with petroleum jelly rest of your hands leaving the nails. So the acetone couldn’t harsh your hand skin.
  4.  Soak your hand in bowl which is filled with nail polish removal. Soak for some time until the glue of Acrylic nails dissolves in warm acetone. Hope so 15 minutes will be enough for the soaking.
  5. Take a metal pusher and push gently your Acrylic nails. Repeat the process softly until the Acrylic nails get removed. Avoid doing in harsh way; it might hurt your natural nails.
  6. Now softly bush your natural nails to remove all of the Acrylic particles.
  7. Wash your nails with simple Luke warm water. Massage your nails with moisturizer lotion. Olive is best way to massage you nails.

So no need to go in salon special, to remove Acrylic nails, you can do it at home in some simple steps. Just remember avoid attaching cheap Acrylic nails. Never compromise with your natural nails’ health. Cheap Acrylic nails and glue can harm your natural nails badly as they can give fungal infection to your nails.

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