Pink Butterfly Nail Art Design and Nail Art Tutorial

Pink Butterfly Nail Art Design and Nail Art Tutorial

The Pink Butterfly Nail Art Design is the ideal design for college students and teenage girls. Adorning your nails with this versatile design is a wonderful way to impress colleagues, friends and family members. Pink butterfly nail design is simple to make, so you don’t need to visit fancy nail spas and beauty salons for this purpose. You can sport this nail design at home with a little effort. This article will provide you clear idea how to make a fun with cute butterfly nail art design.

Nail Design

Pink Butterfly Nail Art Design 2016

Though butterfly nail art design can be created by using any bright colors but the combination of pink and blue will give this design a more funky look.

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Required Material

Nail Art Design

For making pink butterfly nail art design, you will need following things.

Nail polish remover
Cotton balls
Nail polishes (yellow, pink and blue)
Nail art brush

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Nail polish pen (black, red and white)
Paper towel

Step by Step Guide to Make Pink Butterfly Nail Designs

Nail Art 2016

First of all, prepare your nails by giving them manicure treatment. Remove the traces of old nail polish and file your nails in an apt shape. Wash your nails using a good-quality sanitize and push back the cuticles.

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Now your nails are ready to be decorated with lovely butterfly nail art. Apply a fine layer of clear base coat on your each nail. This transparent polish will not only give your nail design a neat appearance but it will also act as a protection layer between your nails and colored nail polishes.

nail art tutorial

Paint your all nails with yellow nail polish and allow them to dry. Now slightly dip the nail art brush in the pink nail polish and make a big dot in the center of your nail that will look as the head of butterfly. Then put two small dots along with the big dot for the body of butterfly.

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In the next step, pick up white or black nail polish pen and draw the shape of wing , starting from the main dot and ending at the last dot. Draw the second wing of butterfly by repeating the same process.

nail art tutorial for short nails

Now draw two small wings under two main wings with the help of red and black nail art pens.  Top up the butterfly using different bright colours. You can also use beads, glitter and rhinestones to decorate your butterfly design. Seal your design by applying top coat.

nail art tutorial for short nails

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