Remove that Ugly Nail Fungus In Winters Now..!

Remove that Ugly Nail Fungus In Winters Now..!

Remove that Ugly Nail Fungus In Winters NowNails fungus can be cured by medical treatment by your doctor but if you want to remove it yourself and if you want to prevent it in future then you must jump in to this commitment. Here are the steps of curing and avoiding the nail Fungus in winters.

Dry out– Dry out your nails even small quantity of moisture in your nails especially in winters can promote the suitable environment for fungus birth. You need to dry your nails having fungus with hair dryer after each bath or wash. This will eliminate the fungus friendly environment in winters.

  • Vicks application

Vicks application can be useful for removing the fungus when they become soft. Just make sure that your infected fungus nails are dried. Now apply small amount of Vicks on to it and put your socks on. This treatment should be done every night. Now when you wake up in the morning, just remove the abnormal fungus remains very gently. This will eliminate the fungus infected areas in winter.

  • Warm water application

Another way of curing the infected fungus nail in winter is to soak your foot/hand nails in warm water for 20-30 minutes. After that start trimming your nails. Along with that just remove the abnormal looking fungus infects areas with full care to avoid any bleeding. Just push back your cuticles and dry out your nails. This is another useful trick of removing the fungus from your nails.

  • The water-Vinegar solution

This is one of the long term cures of nail fungus in winters. You have to practice this cure for 6 months every night before going to bed. The cure requires a light mixture of water and vinegar. You just need to soak your infected nail in that solution for 20 minutes. We bet it works since it lower downs the Ph of your nails which is the cause for nail fungus in winters.

The most things to remember while curing and avoiding nail fungus in winters is to keep your hands and foot nails dry. Moist soaks and shoes are the main cause of Nail fungus. Beware of not to sleep with soaks in winters because due to sweating at night it can be the birth giver to Nail fungus, the nightmare for your nails.

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