Street Style Shoe Trends

Street Style Shoe Trends

Street Style Shoe TrendsThere are some trends that will going to remain the part of street style as those trends goes with every sort of personality you are having and easy to adaptable.

Street Trends For Woman:

High Heeled Shoes:

These are generally shoes with heels of length over 2 inches. There are so many types amongst high heels itself. Most women prefer high heels over flats as they can make you look more elegant and this trend is gaining more popularity now-a-days to be part of street style also They have heels of all kinds- stilettos, kitten heels, cone heels, spool heels.

These kinds of heels remain the part of your street style fashion. Rihanna was the first one to rock this trend and it has been copied since. Yes it has some catching up to do in India, but yes the idea is very ‘in’.

Wedged Sandals:

Wedge sandals are shoes that give the comfort of wearing flats, but give the height and glamour of wearing high-heels. They are known so because they have wedge heels specifically. It is generally preferred in summer seasons and can be called more comfortable to walk in when it about street trends. They are commonly strappy and available in fun, bright colors and it is trend which never fades away.

Inspirational Shoes:

Shoes that could be more the part of street trends are gladiator shoes that used to inspire Greek or may be naturally inspired can be a part of it for example motifs or embellishment and also inspired by the h

istory or may be something more related to vintage.


Sandals are the majorly part of street style trends .They are considered outdoor shoes used in places with humid climate or generally in summer season. The soles of the shoes are strapped to the wearer’s foot by straps generally over the feet and around the ankle. They have both low heels and high heels and are used because it helps keep the feet cool and dry.


Sneakers are common used shoes, very comfortable and convenient. It is unisex. It is used as running shoes. They are made of canvas or leather. It was once considered athletic shoes but now is used as casual shoes. There are also high heels version of sneakers available in the market called sneaker pumps, but it is not that commonly part of street style trend.

Street Trends For Men:


If you want to make an impression then sandals are the perfect choice. Sandals can be worn with almost every outfit. Sandals are one of the most comfortable street styles of men's shoe which provide you extra comfort and enhance your personality.

Derby Shoes:

These are the shoes which are part of the street trend for past many years and they can be wear on both cases with whatever dress code you might have be.


Boots are also famous type of men’s shoes which can both casual and formal. Nowadays boots come in a wide variety like cowboy’s boots, Ankle-boots and Heavy lace-up boots etc. Work boots are especially designed for hard labor as conflicting to fashion.


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