How to Get Naturally Glowing Skin in this Summer

How to Get Naturally Glowing Skin in this Summer

Get Naturally Glowing Skin in this SummerWomen have to follow extra skincare tips to protect their skin from the harmful UV rays of sun. Not only women, but men also seem conscious towards their skin care and beauty.

This summer, from exfoliating to rejuvenation of skin, all you need is to stick on summer skincare tips and then you will get a refreshing and youthful skin and body even in hot summer weather.

Summer Skin Care Tips:

  • Exfoliation:

Exfoliating of skin is essential in hot summer season. In summer season particularly, your skin and body shed skin cells at a rapid rate. If you don’t exfoliate, they become stick on your skin and make it dull and dry. Without exfoliating, you can’t get glowing skin.

  • Deep Cleansing:

Deep cleansing is must in hot summer season. If you have an oily skin, then you must do deep cleansing to keep your pores free of clogged oil and dust. For this, use good quality cleansing grain or facial scrub. Also, wash your face with plain fresh water several times in a day for a gentle cleaning.

  •  Toning:

Toning is also important to maintain your skin tone and to make it glowing. A good toner keeps your skin clean and refreshing. For a baby soft skin in summer, use rose, lavender and flower based skin tone. Rose water is also good for normal to dry skin.

  • Apply Rose Water

For office going ladies and working women and all those who are out during the whole day, carry a bottle of rose water with you as a skin tone. Use it whenever your skin becomes sweaty and greasy. Baby wipes and wet tissues are also a good option.

  • Skin Nourishing Cream

Nourish your skin with a good quality face/skin nourishing cream before going to bed. Apply this cream to your entire face and neck; massage it gently for 10 minutes. Rub it with wet cotton bud and wash your face with plain water.

  • Avoid Harmful Sunscreen

Skin screen with SP 15 is very essential for a glowing and healthy skin in hot summer season. It is recommended to avoid sunscreens that contain parabens, Paba, benzophenone, oxybenzone, octinoxate, avobenzone, padimate O and homosalate.

Follow these simple and easy to apply summer skincare tips and get a refreshing and baby soft skin in summer.

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