Gram Flour A Natural Ingredient for Skin Care

Gram Flour A Natural Ingredient for Skin Care

Gram Flour a Natural Ingredient for Skin CareNatural ingredients are blessing for us to and give superb results for having natural beauty. Gram flour is one of them. Gram flour skin care effectively makes you look younger as it contains natural ingredients that counter the effects of aging especially in women.

How Can You Use It Effectively?

Gram flour skin care is just about using this common kitchen product smartly and for that one needs to understand its chemistry. Gram flour contains carbohydrates (without gluten) and high amount of rich proteins that are good for skin care and whitening. Gram flour not only whitens the skin but also makes it smooth and flawless. Following are some ways in which you can use it for your Gram flour skin care:

Gram Flour Honey Mask:

As mentioned above gram flour is good for skin whitening and has to be used smartly for Gram flour skin care, here is a mask that you can apply for skin whitening and glow.
You can make this gram flour skin care mask by adding

  • One table spoon gram flour
  • One table spoon honey
  • Few drops of rose water
  • One tea spoon Lemon Juice

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stify;”>Apply this mask evenly on your face and let it be applied for 20 minutes. Wash this mask after 20 minutes with mild warm water. You may also apply it on other parts of body where you feel your skin is not clean or clear.

Apart from masks, gram flour skin care is possible randomly as well. You can use gram flour as a routine item and it will serve your purpose quintessentially. It is advised by famous Asian dermatologists (since gram flour is widely used on Asia in variety of ways), that you should wash your face in the morning with this natural ingredient of skin care.

Add one table spoon of turmeric powder to one cup of gram flour and store the mixture in a tight jar. After you have stored it you are required to wash your face with one tea spoon of this mixture and you will definitely see much better results if you spray a bit of rose water on your washed face. Rose water can again be stored in a cool place.

At night after all the exertion of the day, before sleeping a small gram flour skin care practice can do wonders to your skin. Leave all the chemical cleansers you are using and at least try natural ingredients of skin care for once.

  • Cleanse your face using one table spoon of milk mixed in five to six drops of coconut oil and apply it all over your face using cotton.
  • This should be followed by washing your face with gram flour and application of rose water. You will certainly see vibrant and rapid results.

So good luck with your gram flour skin care!


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