How to Keep your Skin Glowing in Monsoon

How to Keep your Skin Glowing in Monsoon

Keep your Skin Glowing in MonsoonMonsoon comes in between hot summer and chilling winter, it is a sign of joy, happiness because of its certain characteristics but its humidity also harms skin and eyes. To take a good care of your skin in monsoon and keep it glowing you need to follow some tips and tricks on daily basis.

Skin Glowing Tips In Monsoon For Dry Skin:

If your skin type is dry then it will get rougher and drier in monsoon. It happens because of the lack of proper water supply in your body along with some vitamin deficiency.  Monsoon complicates the problem. So if your skin is dry, get a cream based cleanser. The reason for it is it will supply water to your skin, leaving your skin moist and glowing in monsoon. Use of rose water and glycerin helps to retain your skin health during monsoon. Use almond paste and honey cleanser, or mix them together. Apply it on your skin for five to seven minutes and rinse your face. For glowing skin in monsoon moisturize your face with jojoba oil, honey and curd in equal amounts together on your face and neck, take ten minutes and after it wash your face.

Skin Glowing Tips In Monsoon For Oily Skin:

Oily skin is a result of hormones. To get glowing skin in monsoon clean the face oil two to three times a day, three times a day is well enough. Do not use cleansing creams. Use water base cleansing solutions. Your skin needs to be scrubbed

daily in monsoon weather. Scrubbing in monsoon will help removing the dead cells from your skin.  Try to use cool ice water because it is the best for an oily skin. It helps the oily skin in monsoon to stop producing oil so frequently. For an oily skin you can also use mud pack or gram flour. If you are using gram flour then don’t forget to add some lemon juice drops in it.

To get glowing skin in monsoon moisturize your oily skin with a mixture of 2 tablespoon rose water, two drops each of strawberry oil and fresh orange oil. Apply them on your face and wash it after ten minutes.

Skin Glowing Tips In Monsoon For Combination Skin:

Monsoon is a hub of infections therefore, in this season combination skin type needs to be moisturized daily. You can moisturize it twice a day and choose sunscreen which is gel based with an SPF 15 or above.

Monsoon infects your skin also. It is a time when fungal and bacterial infections are high in air. So they can give you rashes or ringworm and even damage your skin color. In order to get rid of skin related problems, apply skin care tips on daily basis, it also keeps your skin glowing in monsoon.

Some tricks can also help your skin to tackle this situation. Use cotton clothes because they are good for your skin. Never tie your hair up during monsoon until and unless they are completely dry. Mosquito repellent creams should be used during this weather along with long or full sleeves, so that you could avoid mosquito bites. If you want to keep all the problems away, bath twice a day and use anti-fungal powder on your body.

Have a happy glowing skin in monsoon!


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