Signs You Are Over Cleansing Your Skin

Signs You Are Over Cleansing Your Skin

Signs You Are Over Cleansing Your SkinCleansing is a process of removing dirt and oil from skin to let it breathe and stay healthy. While it is important to cleanse on regular basis, you must make sure that the skin is not over cleansed.

The outer most layer of the skin holds some essential oils that help the skin to stay healthy. If you over cleanse the skin you will strip off that layer and it may lead to acne or other skin troubles. There are a number of signs that indicate that you are over cleansing your skin and thus making it vulnerable to other problems.

  • Skin Stiffness and Tightness

A general perception about a clean skin is that it is glowing and tight. Access scrubbing often leads to skin tightening. If you do that occasionally then it’s not healthy for your skin, rather it indicates stiffness and dehydration. Apart from cleansing, hydration and moisture are also necessary.

While scrubbing or cleansing, don’t treat your skin harshly and make sure that at the end it is soft and supple and not just taut. You can always use a gentle moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Over cleaning can be very damaging for your skin. So, don’t use products that contain ingredients that you are allergic to or those which are too strong for your sensitive skin.

  • Acne

Acne is another sign of over cleansed skin. When you take away all the essential oils form your skin that were required to maintain a healthy balance then the body starts producing oil to fulfill this need. So acne appears as a result of the oil imbalance in skin. The oil glands can be overdriven when you remove the top layer that holds the essential oils and also slows down the process of absorption of lotions and other content that you apply on your skin.

A useful tip is that as soon as you start noticing that a certain cleanser is causing redness or unevenness, stop using it or replace it with wild a mild cleanser.

  • Rashes

Redness and rashes soon after cleansing also indicate that you have over cleansed your skin. Sometimes, a moisturizer helps but in case of rashes it is better to leave skin untouched for a while so that it heals naturally. If these rashes are causing itchiness then icing can help in soothing. Remember, always consult your skin specialist if your skin is giving you trouble and you are not sure about the right remedy, otherwise you can get some serious skin diseases. Also, skin cleaning agents like alcohol which are usually used to remove toxins from skin can damage skin if used often. Good cleansing can enhance your natural beauty but if you will over cleanse it, it will cost you big time.

Normally, using a cleanser twice a week is enough! You must scrub the dead skin off but for the toxins you don’t need to cleanse daily. Just washing your face before going to bed will also make a lot of difference because by removing the access oils, your skin will breathe better through the night.

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