Skin & Body Care Tips in Summer

Skin & Body Care Tips in Summer

Skin and Body Care Tips in SummerSharp rays of sunshine and humidity smash down body skin. The heat and humidity multiplies the skin damage risks like clogged pores, acne, oily skins, sweating smells and many more. If the care shouldn’t be taken on regular basis the skin condition can be even worse.

So love your skin and serve some time for skin care in summers.

  • Regular Deep Cleansing refreshes the skin in summer:

To remove dead skin and excess oil proper cleansing plays essential role. Cleansing and then toning provides the oxygen to skin and helps the skin to breathe. Find perfect cleansing milk which suits according to your skin type. Good quality cleansers do not disturb the skin ph balance.

  • Water therapy for skin & body care in summers:

Have a proper intake of water to get fine skin. In summers skin care 12 to 15 glasses of water per day flush out the toxins from the body. Water therapy decreases the wrinkles to prevent aging. Make a habit to take 2, 3 glasses of water in morning in summers. It dehydrates the skin and decrease constipation too. Constipation leads to raise the pimples because toxin level increases due to constipation. The proper intake of water is golden skin care tip for summers.

  • Spas sessions to get healthy skin & body in summers:

Spa treatments are must to for skin & body care in summers. Manage your time to visit spa at least once in two weeks to get proper skin care treatment from professionals. You may also arrange home spa. After 9 to 5 duty you skin deserve the relaxation mode. Soak your body in floral aroma water for at least 20 minutes in summers.

  • Exfoliate on Regular basis:

The flow of sweat and fast rays of sunshine and the layer of moisturizers and sunscreen these all increase the dead skin cells. Exfoliates and mild scrubs slough them from your body. The good time to exfoliate your skin & body in summers is when you soak your body in spa tub for 20 minutes. The skin gets moist, then with mild rubbing of exfoliates you can easily remove the dead skin cells.

Remember, only one habit of skin & body care in summers cannot give your accurate result of fine and healthy skin in summers. The daily workouts, proper intake of water, enough sleep, cleansing, toning and moisturizing in regular basis can only gives you the ideal skin of your dream.

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