Tips for Good Skin Care in Winter

Tips for Good Skin Care in Winter

Tips for Good Skin Care in WinterWinter is just right here and the challenging job of good skin care in winter is just in front of us. Dealing with skin care in winter can be quite a tricky part. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin or normal skin in regular days; almost all types of skin have problem when it comes to skin care in winter and dealing with the dry and cold weather. Moreover, the weather conditions make us all stay inside and use heating systems for making us feel warm and cozy. This leads to dehydration and a dull complexion of skin which makes skin care in winter even more complicated. But by following a few simple skin care in winter tips, all these problems can be fought and you can have a wonderful, fresh, clean and glowing skin in winter too.

  • Hot Water

Normally, none of us can think of washing face or taking shower with cold water in winter and we all prefer warm and at times, hot water for bathing and washing our face. But this creates problems for skin care in winter. At least for your face and neck area, the best of all the skin care in winter tips is to wash water with cold water or just slightly warm water. This tip is not just confined to skin care in winter but it implies to all the year around. This prevents wrinkles, blemishes, cracks, opening of pores and gives you health and smooth skin.

  • Do Not Dare To Bite Lips

In winter season, we all become enemies of our lips which are against the skin care in winter. Cracked lips, lips with dry skin etc is a very common problem for skin care in winter and it can be dealt with a simple solution. Try to keep your lips moist with olive oil, Vaseline or some lip balm as it will prevent all the problems related to lips in skin care in winter and you will have pink and glossy lips like always.

  • Moisturizer and Sunscreen- A Must

For skin care in winter, it is a sin not to apply moisturizer at least twice a day or ignore sunscreen just because you like winter warmth of sun. Sun can do you more harm in winter than in summer; therefore, for skin care in winter, a good use of sunscreen is a must. Moreover, moisturizer is important as it keeps your body away from drying, cracks and other winter crazy skin problems.

  • Hair Care

For skin care in winter, hair care forms an essential part as you do not want to damage your scalp In any case. Therefore, in skin care for winter, never go outside with the wet hair as it will not make you catch cold but it will terribly affect your scalp by causing dryness and breaking of hair from the roots. Moreover, for skin care in winter, apply oil to hair once a week as it will keep them nourished and away from harmful effects of winter through skin care in winter.

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