Dress to Look Flatter

Dress to Look Flatter

Dress to Look FlatterWho doesn’t wish to have a smart lean body like a celebrity, but that’s just a dream for most of the people. Depending upon a lot of factors including your natural body structure, hereditary factors, metabolism, life style, eating habits and many others; having a perfect shaped body is not possible for every one.

However, what everyone can do is to dress the way that flatters the body type and hides the bulges. Just by knowing your body type, proportions and flaws, you can dress to look much smatter and leaner.
Here’s how it is depending upon your body type:

  • Apple shape

Women having heavy bust than hips fall in this category. The bust is usually 2-3 inches bigger than the hips and the waist curve seems to vanish altogether. Women having apple shape can try the following tips.

  1. Try to shape your bust properly to draw attention away from it.
  2. Try not to wear heavy jewelry around the neck.
  3. Try to wear belts to make the curve of the waist a little prominent.
  4. If you have a larger belly, try wear dresses that are lose on the upper body to hide any bulges.
  5. Avoid large prints; they will only make you look even larger.
  • Pear shape
  1. Women having a larger butt than the bust fall in this category. Although women of this type can dress to look appealing, they should still avoid drawing much attention to the bust. This is how they can dress to look flatter.
  2. Do not wear tight pants or tight pajamas.
  3. Try to wear flared pants or straight legged pants.
  4. Try not to draw much attention to your waist by wearing belts or dresses that are tight at the middle.
  5. Wear large jewelry around the neck to draw attention t the upper part of the body.
  • Straight or rectangular shape

This is the most common body type around the world. The bust and the hips are approximately the same measurement and the waist is not much less. There is a slight curve in the waist that makes it look visible. This type is the most easy to dress to look flatter. This is what rectangular women can do.

  1. Wear belts and dresses that are tight at the middle section.
  2. Draw attention to your legs by wearing tight pants or straight pants.
  3. Women falling in this category can wear both smaller and larger prints.
  4. Try to wear heels often to make your legs elongated.
  5. Shape your bust properly to give proportion to your body.
  • Hourglass shape

This category is also quite common around the world. The bust and the hips are approximately the same size but the waist is much narrower. This kind of shape is also quite easy to dress to look flatter. Here’s how:

  1. Avoid wearing belts and tight dresses that will make the waist more prominent and the bulges bigger.
  2. Small prints look good on this type.
  3. Sari just looks fabulous on this type of body.
  4. Try to wear lose shirts to draw attention away from the bulges.

No matter what you wear, just look what looks good on you and what is the most comfortable for you.

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