Fashion Blunders Women Need to Avoid

Fashion Blunders Women Need to Avoid

Fashion Blunders Women need to AvoidThere are certain fashion blunders women need to avoid and must understand the true essence of dressing up.

Everybody wants to look trendy and ‘in’ who would want to be pointed out in a crowd of people and be laughed at. Well, we wouldn’t want that either that is why I am going to give you some really simple tips that would help you NOT to make any kind of fashion blunders and to avoid becoming a fashion disaster.

Ready? Here we go!

  1. Take the statement “Less is more” very seriously! Always avoid overdoing anything. Keep it simple. Besides overdoing things does not only make you look hideous and a serious attention seeker but it also takes up a lot of your precious time.
  2. Be selective about colors: Wear colors that would suit your complexion because there are some colors that would make you look atrocious while some would give you an elegant appeal and make you stand out.
  3. Avoid creating chaos in clothing. Try avoiding clothes with too many patterns; this is a very common blunder women need to avoid.
  4. Size Matters: Wearing your size is an essential to styling yourself. Women tend to wear over and sometimes undersized clothes. Try wearing your own size for a change and see the difference. You’d feel more comfortable and would look good too.
  5. Say no to shabby shoes: Wearing the perfect dress and not paying much attention to your shoes is most likely to ruin your entire look. Select shoes according to the dress you’re wearing. How about a pair of Kola Puris with a knee length dress? No? Good! Now you know what I’m talking about.
  6. Experiment with new hairstyles: Try hairstyles that would suit your face line. Really bony faces look good with tied hair like a French or side braid while relatively chubby faces should leave their hair open and wear a band if they want to.
  7. Dress according to the occasion: Always keep in mind the occasion that you’re dressing for. Don’t mix occasions and be very sure of whether to dress formally or casually for an occasion.
  8. Lighten your make up: Remember what I said about less being more? What I meant was that the lesser you try to cover yourself in make up the more you would begin to realize your natural beauty and once you appreciate it. Trust me, the whole world will!
  9. Wear what suits you: Following fashion and new trends only because they look stunning on the ramp doesn’t mean they would make you look the same way. Not every fashion suits everyone. Experimenting is never wrong but be careful with what you choose to walk out in.
  10. Try mixing and matching instead of mismatching: Another common blunder women make is to wear mismatching clothes. One should have the know how to put what with what together and make it into something worth wearing.

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