How to Wear Jeans to Work

How to Wear Jeans to Work

Maybe your office has a jeans-friendly Casual Friday, or maybe you’re allowed to wear jeans throughout the entire work week. Either way, there is a right way and a wrong way to wear your jeans to the office. Generally, you should take precautions to prevent your style from looking too dressed down. By matching your jeans with professional pieces you would wear with khakis or trousers, you create a classier look appropriate for most workplaces at least some of the time.

women wearing jeansChoose dark wash jeans. Light and medium washes often look too casual, even for Casual Friday. The jeans should also have a uniform wash—so no whiskers—and should be free from embellishments.

Stick with classic cuts. Wide-legged trouser-style jeans may be the easiest to work with, since they mimic the shape of dress trousers. Boot-leg cuts and skinny jeans can also work, but make sure you choose a pair that does not cling too tightly to your body.

Match your jeans with a silk blouse. Silk blouses are chic and dressy, and wearing one will give your jeans a touch of class. Choose a solid color or subtle print for a more conservative look, or opt for a bolder pattern in a bright color to make a statement.

Pair your jeans with a classic button-down shirt. Collared button-down shirts are the trademark of traditional office wear. By matching one with your jeans, you pay homage to this fact. Look for light colors and traditional patterns, like pinstripes.

Wear a boyfriend blazer. This structured jacket adds a hint of professionalism to your outfit and calls to mind images of a formal business suit.

Try on a cardigan sweater. A fitted cardigan sweater adds a hint of sophistication to your ensemble, which may make your jeans look dressier. Cardigans with elegant detailing, like ruffles or beading, may dress up your outfit even more.

Slip on a leather jacket. Heavy biker jackets are a little too gruff for this look, but a fitted, cropped jacket can give your jeans a mature look. Stick with classic colors, like brown, gray, or black, rather than wilder hues.

Pull out your best pumps. A closed-toe pump is the shoe of choice for traditional office attire, and it can make your jeans look much dressier, too. Opt for low and medium heels, but save any super-sexy stiletto heels or strappy varieties for the weekend.

Consider wearing a leather flat. If heels aren’t your thing, don’t worry. The right flat can look just as professional and just as fashionable. Stick with formal designs made of leather or suede, and avoid casual flats made of canvas or similar materials.

Try out a fashion boot. Ankle boots, knee-high boots, and over-the-knee boots can all look sophisticated and may give your jeans a welcomed boost of formality. Stick with classic colors like black and standard materials like leather.

Throw on a scarf. A silk fashion scarf can dress up your jeans and give you a clean-cut, professional look.

Keep your jewelry simple. A chunky bracelet or long beaded necklace can work well, but you should only wear one statement piece at a time. Accessories can dress your jeans up, but over-accessorizing may cause your look to lose professionalism.


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