Spice up Your Summer Wardrobe with Colour Blocking

Spice up Your Summer Wardrobe with Colour Blocking

Summer Wardrobe with Colour BlockingSummer wardrobe 2012 is inspired from the Mondrian fine art. Colour blocking is the biggest fashion trend for this year’s summer dresses.
You must be thinking of what is this colour blocking??.. It’s all a play upon colours.

  • What Is Colour Blocking?

Colour blocking means wearing wildest ever contrasts and more than one bright colours together. Usually they are supposed to have a geometric print – graphic lines accentuating boxes on a garment. Colour Blocking prints look like Mondrian paintings.

  • Why Colour Blocking For The Summer Wardrobe 2012?

Colour blocking is the only fashion trend which has the capability of letting you overcome your fear of experimenting with bright colours. Mostly women never opt more than one bright colours for one dress, just because they think it’s too bold, or it’s not age appropriate for them, or bright colours don’t complement their complexion!

These are mere myths which don’t actually matter. As a matter of fact, colour blocking – wearing sharp contrasts and bright colour combinations – can very effectively be used to enhance your figure and complexion. This is the geometric pattern of printing which works.

  • How It Works For Your Summer Dresses?

Colour blocking is tricky to use but actually works to flatter your figure. This is a major reason of its being the hottest trend for the summer wardrobe 2012. All you need to know is your figure, where your weight is and where you want the eyes to focus when looking at you.

Using colour blocking technique for your summer dresses, can help you create an effect of thin waistline and longer legs provided you consider the cut of your sheath dress. Try to pose your waistline a little higher than the actual point if you carry your weight in your middle section. By doing so, your waistline will appear to be thinner than the actual one while your legs would appear to be longer.

For your summer wardrobe 2012, you can skillfully play with two solid colours and a neutral one. The bright colour has the tendency of focussing the eyes on, so you can wear the bright colour where you want the eyes to go when looking at you.

For instance, if you carry your weight in the lower half, you can wear the brightest colour on the upper half of your body, so that the vision distracts from the plump part of you.

The petite persons can make use of pinstripe pants if want to look longer than the actual height.

When using colour blocking for your summer wardrobe, make sure that you need to consider the proportion of colours being combined together according to your physique. If petite, you must combine both the colours in almost equal visual measure so that you don’t look completely overwhelmed by one color.

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