Top 10 Beautiful Punjabi Mehndi Designs 2015

Top 10 Beautiful Punjabi Mehndi Designs 2015

Punjabi mehndi designs are quite unique and that they glorify the culture and heritage of Punjab. The designs are intricate and need much practice to get it right without any flaws. Unlike Arabic designs that are bold and big, Punjabi mehndi designs are all about intricate designs that tell a story.

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1. Peacock Design:

Peacock Design

Perhaps the most popular of all mehendi designs is the peacock. Brides have opted for a beautiful peacock design time and again, thanks to its feminine and pretty look.

2. Paisley Design:

Paisley Design

This is another excellent option for a mehndi design. When tiny paisleys are woven together to create a delicate deisgn pattern, the result is a very alluring and looks amazing.

3. Circular Motif:

Circular mehndi Design

Circular motifs make for great mehndi designs, as they are aesthetically very appealing. There is something about a neat circle that makes an impression, thus allowing the design to last in our minds even after the actual mehndi has faded away.

4. Floral Design:

Floral Design

Flowers are universally regarded as the epitome of femininity. So is it any wonder then that floral designs rank as one of the most popular in the Punjabi mehndi design list? When the mehndi stains the skin with its deep orange-red colour, the flower seems to almost come alive in all its glory.

5. Lines and Patterns:

Lines  Mehndi Design

You don’t need birds and flowers to create alluring designs; you can do that with the help of lines and patterns as well. When combined, lines and patterns come together to form an interesting design. Although there is no story or one particular motif that acts as the central part of the design, it is even then a very impressive and sought after way of covering your hand and feet with mehndi.

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6. Chequered Pattern:

Chequered Mehndi Design

The chequered pattern is a great way to make your mehndi pop and is used vastly to give a break to intricate designs. The chequered pattern can also be cleverly used to fill up any gaps.

7. Bride and Groom Design:

Bride Mdhndi Design

This is a popular choice for Punjabi brides. The design tells a story depicting the bride and the groom. It symbolises love and a forever-after joining of two souls in holy matrimony.

8. Creepers and Leaves:

Creepers Mdhndi Design

Creepers and leaves also make for great designs. They have a delicate flowing structure that is perfect for creating beautiful henna art. Here is one very alluring mehndi design made using creeper and leaves patterns.

9. Coloured Mehendi Design:

Coloured Design

This relatively new design includes glitter and stones to create colourful henna art. The colours really stand out among the henna and make for an interesting look. While this is not a traditional design, more and more women are starting to experiment with this coloured mehndi design.

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10. Border Design:

Border  Design

The border design is perfect choice for the feet. The design forms an outline along the sides of your feet, making a border. Pick a delicate pattern for a simple yet captivating effect. While Punjabi designs are unique, they are not exclusive to Punjab, at least not anymore. Regional mehndi designs in India have all merged, evolved and have one become a fusion of different cultures and customs. So a Gujarati bride might sport a Rajasthani mehndi design and a South Indian bride might be seen having an Arabic mehndi design. This fusion of art has had an interesting effect on the designs and has helped them evolve into our present contemporary Indian designs.


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