10 Times When Bollywood Got SEX Right On Screen!

10 Times When Bollywood Got SEX Right On Screen!

Sex in Bollywood has evolved a lot…Gone are those days when lovemaking was depicted by two flowers kissing or showing statues of Khajuraho or just a few seconds of torrential rains! We have come a long way ahead in pushing the envelope thanks to the efforts of the likes of Raj Kapoor, Mahesh Bhatt and even the creative team of Yash Raj Films and Dharma Productions!

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The question to ask is, have we managed to achieve the finesse in which Hollywood shoots their lovemaking scenes. Hmmm… Maybe yes, maybe not! Sure, we still balk at showcasing nudity, but even in clothed sex scenes, many times, it’s more of a groping and clawing contest than a sensual encounter. For more details, please check the unsavoury lovemaking scene between Mallika Sherawat and Om Puri (why, sir, why? You had just delivered an astounding performance in The Hundred-Foot Journey). But there are some scenes that are so tastefully shot that your eyes will be glued to the screen without squirming in your seats!


The lovemaking scene in Ishqiya is not the glossy kind, but has more of the animalistic passion, without getting crude. This was Arshad Warsi’s first love-making scene, though none of that jitters can be seen on screen!

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Band Baaja Baarat

BBB is a really sweet Yashraj film that made Anushka Sharma a superstar and introduced us to the ever-energetic Ranveer Singh! Their chemistry in the film is like bread pakoda, crispy from the outside yet soft and tasty inside! Their lovemaking scene, one of the highlights of the film, is not the kind where you immediately jump on bed – it’s slow, takes a lot of time to build up and with a lot of hesitation, but when they finally get to it, it’s all passion!


The real-life couple, Kareena and Saif, decided to show their fans a teaser of their intimacy in the beautifully filmed lovemaking scene, which, however, couldn’t save the film from bombing!

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What’s a lovemaking list without the inclusion of Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat? Though this particular scene is almost frame to frame copy of the scene in Unfaithful (even the plot is lifted shamelessly from there…), Anurag Basu has made sure the scene doesn’t look like a cheap imitation and sends temperatures soaring high!


The film that made John Abraham the star and crowned Bipasha Basu, the queen of seduction, had some really sensuous scenes like the one below…

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One of the very few positives in this Anurag Basu disaster (apart from superb cinematography) is the sizzling chemistry between Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori. Their sex scene in the film is a fine example of this!


In her debut Bollywood film, Vidya Balan proves herself to be an actress who will be remembered for man years hereon. She also has to perform two lovemaking scenes with the film’s leading heroes. Though we would rather ignore the scene with a visibly uncomfortable Sanjay Dutt, the other scene with Saif Ali Khan is sensuous and tastefully done!

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B.A. Pass

In this dark gritty drama based on the short story The Railway Aunty, a young boy is seduced and manipulated by a housewife who makes him to get into prostitution with disastrous results. However, the sex scenes in the film aren’t, as they feel natural and enticing!


In this really diluted version of the Korean cult-drama, Oldboy, Sanjay Dutt plays the hero who is kidnapped and placed in isolation for 14 years. Once he is released all of a sudden, he gets on a hunt to find out the man who was responsible for a trauma. In the processs, he gets entangled with a female cab driver, played by Lara Dutta, saves her from some goons one day, and gets intimate with her. The scene is truly sensuous, though it wouldn’t have had the same effect if the film followed the original script (…if you know what I mean… No? Watch theKorean film and get.

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For the last entry, I would go two decades back and present one of the best lovemaking scenes ever in the classic Vidhu Vinod Chopra gangster flick, that unfortunately, doesn’t have a ‘happy’ ending…

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