Channel V’s Mastaangi to Feature a Musical Performance

Channel V’s Mastaangi to Feature a Musical Performance

Channel V’s newest launch ‘Mastaangi‘ has already become a fan-favorite as it trails a tangled love story that transcends two lifetimes. Set against a college setting, Ria and Karan are far from just students as the truth about their past lives soon beings to unravel.

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In 1995, the couple led a different life as RAW agents but faced an ultimately death. But now after 21 years, the two are found reuniting but this time in the present day as college students. While the two continue to recollect memories of their prior association, a love triangle also begins to bloom as Anushka reveals her true feelings for Karan as well.

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Ria is now in the midst of a dilemma as her best friend Anushka is in love with Karan, who she as well is attracted to. As the love-hate relationship between Karan and Ria continues to go on, Mastaangi will feature a special episode post Valentine’s Day which will the two not only perform together but also will include a musical act on hit song- Janam Janam.

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The show has already begun the track with the previous episode showcasing Ria and Karan rehearsing for the upcoming music event at their college. But however the moment turns bittersweet when Karan suddenly begins to express his hatred for Ria when he remembers an incident about their past life. In the meantime, Jignesh comforts Ria as Anaita tries to contact Karan.

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While talking about what the audience has in store for the episode, Swati Kapoor who plays Ria commented to say, “Karan and Ria so far have always been seen to be fighting or quarrelling with each but the Valentine’s Day performance, we will see the two of them together for the first time, I think viewers will finally get to see the chemistry between them”.

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Aakash Talwar who essays the role of Karan also commented to say,” With every episode of Mastaangi, we have always tried to raise the bar higher and higher through the storyline and characters. With Valentine’s Day, Karan and Ria will be taking a major step towards each other as they not only work together but also dance which will be exciting for fans to see. The episode will have numerous elements including jealousy, attraction and much more! Ek Janam pad jaaye kam hogi aisi chemistry aur hogi aisi Mastaangi!”

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