New Sunsilk Straight Lock Technology

New Sunsilk Straight Lock Technology

New Sunsilk Straight-Lock Technology
– From Shower to Party Stopper –

A revolutionary technology which straight locks your tresses and keeps them aligned and sleek post hair wash!

Sunsilk unleashes the newest, innovative way of controlling the unwanted hair frizz, leaving your hair aligned, straight and sleek after your hair wash. This new and advanced technology from the house of Sunsilk straight locks your hair into a desirable and glossy straight hair look soon after wash, as your hair begins to dry.

New Sunsilk Straight Lock Technology

Sunsilk Perfect Straight is the creation of Sunsilk’s team of groundbreaking hair experts, partnered with insights and expertise of the Tokyo based, world renowned Yuko Yamashita. This new innovation works by controlling wet hair and making them settle into silky strands of lustrous aligned and straight hair as and when the hair begins to dry.

Many Indian girls wish for straight hair but end up facing the recurring issue of frizzy and disobedient hair. After the shower, there is a magic moment between wet & dry hair when your hair is perfectly aligned and straight. But as it starts to dry, it puffs up and frizzes out making the hair look curly and untamed.   Many women today have seemed to resign to the destiny of their continual unruly hair. Sunsilk abiding by its thought leadership in the hair care industry is back with the all new Sunsilk Perfect Straight in order to rescue each of those Indian girls and with regular use  provide them with a groomed  aligned and lustrous straight hair solution.

Sunsilk for its new Sunsilk Perfect Straight has roped in Yuko Yamashita, a renowned hair expert from Japan to develop this product range for the Indian market. Yuko has been in the hair care industry for more than a decade and has pioneered in the hair straightening therapy. Yuko is also the creator of the world famous YUKO™ hair straightening system used in 35,000 hair salons in Japan and hundreds all over the world.

Sunsilk Conditioner

Commenting on this new technology, Yuko asserted “For my entire life, I have wanted to help girls get healthy, straight hair. For me, it is an honor to be selected as one of Sunsilk’s Co-Creators.” She further stated “Products these days promise so many things to girls with straight hair and never meet expectations. Here’s one that really works and I encourage women to try the new straight lock conditioning system and see as it controls your hair as it dries. All women deserve to have glossy, poker-straight hair. With Sunsilk, I’ll be able to bring beautifully straight and aligned hair to women across the world.”

This range that consists of a shampoo and conditioner has been designed specifically for straighter hair and works by moisturizing the hair fibres, locking in style and keeping hair nourished and perfectly aligned.

Sunsilk Shampoo

How does it work?

The pioneering Straight-Lock Technology harnesses the power of amino silicone; an adhesive ingredient and mineral oils, locking in that magic moment for perfect shape. This unique technology in the product formula, concentrated in the Conditioner, affixes every strand, nourishing the hair’s fibres while also securing aligned and straight hair.

The Straight-Lock Technology aligns your hair to keep it straight, so you can literally wash and go for the days when you don’t want to miss out what life has to offer. The powerful Conditioner provides essential nourishment to hair, without leaving a residue. This means hair can stay manageable and shiny.

So girls, lock those long beautiful tresses into a perfect straight hair look right after your hair wash! Let it dry and see all the difference for yourself.

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