10 Biggest and Famous Monsoon Festivals in India

10 Biggest and Famous Monsoon Festivals in India

India has been known throughout as one of the most festive countries in the world. Even countries like ours take their famous traditions of mehndi’s and basant’s from India.

Their culture is rich with colours and is dominated by traditional and spicy cuisines which have now become a landmark. Such is the monsoon time in India, it is this time when most of their grandest and culturally enriched festivals are organized. Following are at least ten of the biggest and most famous monsoon festivals.

1. Behdienkhlam:

indian festivalsThis was a festival introduced drive away plagues. Plagues are symbolically displayed in in this festival, each holding some sort of social or political significance. India is a state that believes in superstitions and bad karma’s, this event is markedly of great value as it is believed to drive away all such bad eyes and evil spirits to keep the country in its fervour.

2. Hareli:

indian festivals picsThis is a major event of the farmers. This one also has some sort of a spiritual incentive; to make sure that the harvest of the year is productive and vast. Cows are worshiped and the bright colours and traditions of the place attract a lot of people making it one of the biggest events of the monsoon season.

3. Hemis festival:

kashmir best festivalsThis festival is held every year in a monastery in Kashmir. Like all other festivals this one is also colourful and has scenic beauty. It is the manner in which the talents of the area state showcased through to familiarize tourists of the enriching colours and culture.

4. Minjar:

indian chamba festivalsThis is celebrated at Chamba and is a way to give thanks to God. They pray for the monsoon rains and they pray for the kind of food they would want. It is a festival that showcases the Indian culture and it lasts an entire week. It is a grand festival with culture, tradition and food.

5. Nariyal Purnima:

monsoon festivals indiaCelebrated at the end of the monsoon season this festival is indeed a huge and grand one. This one is fishermen dominated. It is also known as the “coconut day” and is in respect of the Indian God of the sea. Boats are decorated and flowers are made to float in the sea. This is another superstitious way of keeping their Sea God happy for lesser storms and good produce.

6. Adiperukku:

indian river festivalsThis is a Tamil festival dedicated to be celebrated by the women to praise water. All the properties of water and the life in it are admired and worshipped. Like all others, this is celebrated ostentatiously. 

7. Onam:

indian flower festivalThis is celebrated in Kerala. This is a celebration of the place’s glorious past with a feast that goes on for almost two weeks. It is in the great honour of their king Mahabali whose reign was considered the best in Kerala history. That time is recalled and celebrated for a happier and brighter future.

8. Raksha Bandhan:

indian festivals picturesThis is a Hindu festival which celebrates the love between a brother and a sister, not necessarily related by blood, to promote peace in the country. This is now a worldly acknowledged festival.

9. Teej:

teej festival photosCelebrated in Nepal it is a grand and festively encountered celebration carried out by the married women to rid their husbands of illnesses and bad omens. It is a celebration of the wellness of a married man.

10. Nag Panchami:

snake festival indiaThis is a traditional festival like all others, and involves worshipping of reptiles mostlysnakes. This is for the protection and the well being of the people through mystical celebrations.

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